Until Death Do Us Part

Today I went on One Manga because I wanted to watch read some more Gantz. Of course this is retarded because I already knew that they took Gantz down because of legal reasons, and that I had to go to some other site (I forget which one) to read it. Then suddenly, randomly, out of the fuckin blue, I clicked on a manga called “Until Death Do Us Part.”

I had no idea what it was about. I read the first chapter and discovered that it could turn out to be the nastiest manga ever made.

Until Death Do Us Part

Holy fucking shit. I don’t know this blind guy’s name yet (pictured above), but he will kick your ass. This show is BA in capitals. Basically, it starts off with some girl in a car. She looks to be in some kind of trouble, and then she spots a blind guy with bad-ass sunglasses walking down the street, and jumps out of the car before reaching said man. She drags him into an alley somewhere and the bad guys (Yakuza?) follow. The blind guy–wait a minute. Did I say blind? Technically he is blind, but is apparently testing out these new…..err…..eyes. They allow him to see outlines of people, kind of like Neo from the matrix when he becomes “the one.” He then reveals his awesome ass kicking to the Yakuza. It is later revealed that the girl’s intuition is correct 90% of the time (it’s a fact that her character is modeled after me….actually, both characters are), which is why she was captured (for business profit). This is going to be fucking awesome. Thank got I’m impulsive…..alright back to studying.

"Holy shit I'm a bad-ass"

This marks the first time I read a Manga before I see/have seen the Anime….I know I suck right?

EDIT: The guys who sub this are fucking awesome.

SECOND EDIT: I forgot about My Balls, which is fucking hilarious. My Balls was the first time I read a Manga before I see/have seen the Anime.