Akikan 9 Rips Off Zero no Tsukaima


I was watching the latest episode of Akikan (actually, I paused it to write this post before I forget, and it reminded me eerily of Zero no Tsukaima. Let me show you quickly and quietly with pictures to quell any question you many have:

Here is a character from Zero no Tsukaima.

His name is Scarron. He’s a cross dresser/gay, who runs a maid cafe/bar where Louise (main girl character) is forced to work. Now how does this relate to Akikan, episode 9? Well here is a character recently introduced to Akikan, in said episode.

In case you have a rare disorder that makes you unable to read subtitles, and only background text. This is Bunny Nankai.

His name is Bunny Nankai. He’s a cross dresser/gay, who happens to run a maid cafe/bar, where Melon (main girl character) is forced to work. Wait, did I copy and paste this sentence from somewhere? No I just re-wrote everything because I like to be difficult, but I could have copied and pasted the sentence below Scarron’s face to the Akikan characters, much like Akikan did.

Do I care about this? No. I’m just pointed out that I noticed that shit. Want more? Fine.

You know the character Yell?

Well not only is it ironic that a character with the name “yell” (a synonym of “shout” “to emit a loud noise”) is played by Mamiko Noto, who is typecast for soft-spoken parts (especially shy girls like Haruka (Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu), Nodoka (Mahou Sensei Negima), and Kotomi (Clannad) to name a few). Well besides that, she’s an obvious lesbian, who wants Najimi like I want some new underwear (pretty fuckin bad….I shit all up in those (obvious joke….or is it?)). This makes  it TWO lesbians who want Najimi. And since Najimi is OBVIOUSLY a secret lesbian in waiting, almost like an opposite Kanako (Maria+Holic) it will be interesting to see who she chooses.

Oh and by the way Yell, don’t think I won’t talk to you about your gift to Najimi. A clock? Clocks aren’t sexy, they aren’t cool, and giving one to Najimi isn’t going so get you in her pants.

This episode really showed these relationships, and then…..wait what the fuck? Now it’s suddenly Halloween? WHEN THE FUCK DID WE GET HALLOWEEN? Seriously. I didn’t even know it was October in this anime. I guess my observations weren’t as astute as I thought since they slipped that one by pretty easy. Shit.

EDIT: It seems that the only girl at the Halloween party that knew Halloween was created for the sole purpose of girls dressing slutty is Yell. You whore.


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