Akikan! 10 = Episode Review

WHAT A SHITTY EPISODE. This episode alone brought down my opinions of this show. There’s going to be spoilers, but this episode was so dumb anyway, that I encourage you to read these to save you time.

In the first part, Melon washes clothes and takes a bath.

Clothes. She's washing them.


In the second part, Budoko sleeps and does her hair.

Proving that if you snooze, you make anime suck.


In the third part, Yell cleans.

She'll show you just how a lesbian cleans.


The only good part is when Yell starts acting like a cat, which, by the way, are all over this episode.


This episode sucked. I might not watch anime for 6 months now because it was so bad. I would go so far as to say that this episode makes the Naruto fillers seem like genius works of art.

Besides the fact that this episode could serve as a good tool for women to learn what to do in the household (besides sleep), this episode served no purpose. God fucking damn it. I’m going to bed.


Three Cheers for Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge

I will be rating this album by cheers. Three is really good. Actually fuck that. Cheers are gay. I’ll keep it classy and rate by my system.

My Chemical Romance – Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge

I had previously downloaded this album illegally legally (torrents are legal right?). I thought, “This album sucks…My Chemical Romance sucks. I guess The Black Parade was an anomaly.” Then, after I heard Desolation Row, I decided that I would download all of their music again. I did, it took about 1 minute because torrents rule. What did I find? I found that Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge is almost just as good as The Black Parade. It really is awesome.

The best song on this album is, in my awesome opinion, Helena.

Wow. Note to self: Never watch a My Chemical Romance video again. They are complete fags. Oh well, this album is not a video, so it kicks ass.






Formulas of Man = 4th law

TS + R = Gstdweyw

Talking Shit + Ridicule = Getting Someone to do What Ever You Want



Basically, this formula (which me and Matt have actually proved after testing this theory in live tests) says that the more you talk shit and ridicule someone, the more you can get them to do.

Example: Billy Johnson is drinking a beer at a party. All you have to do is call him any of the following:

  • Pussy
  • Bitch
  • Little Bitch
  • Little Pussy
  • Little Pussy Bitch
  • Grandma
  • Fag
  • Fruit

There are many different names you can use. Heck, you could just say something like, “Wow you’re still working on that beer? What are you in first grade?” He will immediately down the remainder of his beer, in order to prove that he isn’t a little bitch. There are also several ways to raise the level of ridicule, which increases the chance of getting a positive reaction. Here are some things that produce the best results:

  • Point your finger at him when you call him a little schoolgirl.
  • Make fun of him by doing an impression of him sipping his beer like a queer dick-sucker.
  • Laugh in his face, then dump your beer on his head. Following this, kick him in the balls and break his teeth with a stool (this won’t actually make him drink his beer, and in most cases, everyone will kick your ass).
  • Tell him that your grandma can drink him under the table any day of the week.

This is a great way to make people get wasted off their ass. Why is that good? Because when people get really really hammered, they also get funny. Of course, make sure you know what kind of drunk your victim is, because if they’re an angry drunk, or like to slap people when heavily intoxicated (Joe), then you probably don’t want to try this.

After said person is heavily non-sober, and completely embarrasses himself in some way, feel free to call him a pussy who can’t hold his alcohol the next day. Tell him he’s a bitch and a lightweight. Really rub it in.