Clannad ~After Story~ = Series Review

This is a historical anime for me.

At one point, I dropped this series, which would mean that the highest possible grade would’ve been a 3. I was foolish. I was a fool. Well, sort of. I mean, most of the first half of the series was FUCKING BORING AS ALL FUCK, but the second half was intense. Very. Fucking. Intense. I literally watched the entire second half of the show today. All I can say is that it was better than the first season by a landslide. Lots of spoilers, but everyone’s pretty much seen it already so it doesn’t really matter.

Clannad: ~After Story~


This series continues Clannad. Basically, at the end of Clannad, Nagisa and Tomoya decide to go out, so that’s where Clannad: After Story starts off. I’m going to break my review into two sections, and try and keep it nice and short.

The First Part:

The first part of After Story was, to say the least, forgettable. Thusly, I thought about dropping it, but decided instead to put it on what I like to call my “Injured Reserve” list, which is basically compiled of shows that I know would be good, but couldn’t get into for some reason. If say, I stopped watching a show for an extended period of time, it might be hard for me to get back into it, so it goes on IR.

This “IR” placement occurred around episode 6. I picked it up again, however, after I began reading about all of the shit that was going down during this series. I felt like I was really missing out. I was. Therefore, after suffering through a few more boring episodes, the show finally got me hooked again, and today, I watched about 14 or so episodes that allowed me to realize the greatness of this show. These episodes are known as:

The Second Part:

The second part of After Story contained a lot of drama etc, that was very realistic and well done. Here’s a list of shit that kicked me in face (a play by play of the whole show):

  • Tomoya proposes to Nagisa. She accepts. They get married.
  • They cry.
  • Nagisa gets pregnant.
  • They cry.
  • Nagisa gives birth…..DIES! (I already knew this since before the first season, but it still beat the shit out of me).
  • They cry.
  • Tomoya ignores life/his daughter.
  • They cry.
  • Tomoya is forced by Nagisa’s mom to take his daughter, Ushio, now around 6 years old, on a trip, just the two of them. Tomoya realizes whata douche he’s been regarding his daughter, and vows to take care of her now.
  • They cry.
  • Ushio suddenly develops the same condition that Nagisa had…..DIES! (or so it seems)
  • They cry.
  • The world where the Robot and the Girl are is snow covered and harsh. The robot (which I guess is Tomoya) is trying to get the girl to safety from the harsh condition. The girl is revealed to be Ushio in the real world (I guess).
  • They don’t cry because robots are made of metal, and can’t fuckin cry.
  • Suddenly, as the world blows to pieces, Tomoyo is back at the day where he met Nagisa. He lets her walk by, instead of introducing himself, but then yells her name and really gets at her.
  • Flash forward toward the birth of Ushio/Death of Nagisa, except this time, Nagisa lives. Therefore, my conclusion, WHICH I PREDICTED FROM THE START, is that everything is fine, and everyone is okay.

Basically, that’s a lot of shit to be packed into about 1/2 of 2/3 of an anime season, not to mention crying. It was great (the crying was actually neccesary).

What did I like:

  • The animation was OUTSTANDING. Some scenes made me think that I was watching a well made anime movie, not a series.
  • Fuuko is awesome.
  • Tomoya is the most dynamic character ever.

What did I not like:

  • The amazingly boring first several episodes of this anime. They really brought this show down (which is saying a lot when you see the grade I give it).
  • The length of this review. I thought it was going to be short?

Best Characters:

3. Okazaki Ushio

2. Okazaki Tomoya

1. Ibuki Fuuko

So how did Fuuko beat out Tomoya aka the most dynamic character ever made? Easy. Fuuko is awesome. Whenever she’s in the show, the show is automatically better. She talks in the 3rd person for crying out loud. And in my book, saying, “Fuuko likes this!” instead of, “I like this!” is a big win.

Therefore, for the first time ever, I will award a show that I dropped for a time, an amazing improvment in GPA with a

FINAL GRADE = 5* (I almost gave it the ^^, if not for the boring first part)

I am winning the challenge


11 thoughts on “Clannad ~After Story~ = Series Review

  1. You’re kidding right?? The first 8 episodes were the most interesting part of After Story! They explained the myth behind the Hidden World and everything. Episode 9 was when it got really boring and the whole series went downhill. It picked up again from episode 16 but again went downhill so only 9 episodes in the whole series were very good. The first season had better episodes than After Story did. (excluding Fuko’s boring arc)

  2. How anyone could rate the first Clannad over After Story is way beyond me. I remember dropping Clannad many times as it was so boring. Fuko’s arc was the most horrendous arc. I really struggled to ge tthrough that. What could have been done in 1 episode took up 6 episodes, how could anyone prefer that over anything in After Story??? I sturggled to get through the whole first season to be honest, until it finally got good in the last 4 episodes. After Story, on the other hand, I marathoned all the way through. It didn’t bore me at all. That’s how so much better it was. However I do give credit to Clannad for setting up After Story but After Story is the reason why Clannad is so well loved. I really doubt the first Clannad would have made it that far on it’s own, especially considering it had such a boring bland start.

    The only thing I truly disliked about After Story was the deux ex machina, It was so uneccessary. The Clannad Movie had a much better ending, even though it pales in comparison to the anime. The first several episodes of After Story didn’t bother me. I actually found them entertaining. Misae’s arc was mysterious and magical.

  3. But seriously speaking in third person is retarded and for pedophiles. You fucking pedophile.

    Also Clannad is stupid

    Also why the fuck does Nagisa not have the disease from Tomoya talking to her

    or Ushio

    What a stupid series

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