Females vs Males – Drinking Alcohol

Holy Fucking shit. I’ve met some girls that can drink, but let’s be serious for a while. A girl gets hammered by taking one or two shots…fuck…..a friend of mine, who’s going to be mentioned a few times in this post, got a made a girl get drunk off of water [that he said was vodka]. And said girl even through up. What a stupid moronic bitch/slut. She obviously knew she wasn’t drunk. What a whore. Let’s get it on.

When Men Drink: We will drink and drink. Drinking 30 beers in one night is no problem for us. Back in the time of the Vikings, men used to plunder barrels of ale, and down them after eating live cows. They would then drive home in their manly ships no problem. Viking were some of the first men ever made, with their big, burly beards and strong appetite for plunder and beer. Womenfolk could not et enough of a Viking:

Other then Vikings, other ethnicities teach us a lot about drinking men. Irish people are probably the most famous drinkers. They invented beer, and now they are known as “hooligans”. Nothing is more dangerous then a soccer hooligan. Ever seen Green Street Hooligans? Elijah Woods is in that movie, and he’s a pussy. However, there is nothing pussy about this movie.

In today’s world, men keep up the tradition of drinking, and many have brought the code of the Bushido into the drinking world, gambling their lives (alcohol poisoning) but never giving up until they die (or pass out).

When Women Drink: When women drink, they want sex. That’s the only real reason they drink. It’s true, I’ve heard it straight from the horses mouth, which was then filled with my dick shortly after. Women can drink a few drinks, usually Twisted Teas or something gay like that. After a few, they’re “done”. I’ve met a few girls that could handle 12 or so drinks, but it’s nothing any man couldn’t handle, and it doesn’t make up for the poor tolerance of all of the other women.

Here’s an equation that shows alcohol and the effect it has on a girl:

3-4 Drinks + Women = Slut



A girl once challenged said friend to see who could handle more shots, and said friend (Oballer) downed like 12, the girl? 1/2.

Conclusion: Men win again. But this shouldn’t discourage women from drinking.


3 thoughts on “Females vs Males – Drinking Alcohol

  1. “Elijah Woods is in that movie, and he’s a pussy”
    “However, there is nothing pussy about this movie.”

    “When women drink, they want sex.”
    Actually, they drink for the same reason as men — they’re weak minded faggots who need mind altering substances to “relax” or even “interact with others” if it’s a party environment.

    The winner are those who don’t drink, and since women seem to drink less they win the battle!!

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