In the Red Corner

Is Eye Sedso, now averaging around 10 views a day, as his steady, sharp, decline in views since his fated Cosplay post was made. I’m almost debating admitting I was wrong, or deleting all material related to this post. But then I would be completely going against everything Eye Sedso stands for:

That’s right, steak. I love steak. It represents all that is man. I would even go so far as to say this steak is a bit overcooked. I like mine rare. Shit, I one time got suspended from school after eating a live cow on a class trip to a farm. That’s how I like my steak. You show a person cosplaying as meat and I’ll retract my words. This challenged is issued out toward everyone. If you can find, a person, cosplaying any type of meat (not poultry or fish, but red meat), then I retract everything, and you know what? I’ll will even cosplay something, and put the picture up on this website. That’s how confident I am in the invisible-ness of this site. Here are the rules:

  1. Mike OBrien and Robert Palko can not submit anything, because they are people who will actually comment on this site.
  2. Meat does not include a penis/women. It must be like, steak or something.
  3. Challenges are fun.

Good luck faggots.

[Message Truncated]

5 thoughts on “In the Red Corner

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