Hyakko = Series Review

At first, I found Hyakko boring, dull, unfunny, and a good potential to drop. However, I will never drop a series if:

  1. It is short (like 14 episodes or so).
  2. It isn’t at least the 6th episode.

Therefore, I was forced by my own laws to continue watching. What I later learned would CHANGE MY LIFE FOREVER!


I am not going to summarize this series, but instead let Tōma Kazamatsuri explain it with a screen shot from the show:

Well said.

That right there sums it up pretty much. It has awesome characters. If you know me, then you know that to me, cool, unique characters are the foundation to a good anime. I love cool characters the most. This is why I enjoyed this anime a lot. Pretty much, this was the same type of show as Lucky Star, but it lacked an awesome intro (the intro to Hyakko was God-Awful). Other than that, it was pretty much the same thing.

The Characters:

I’m only going to talk about the main four characters, because otherwise I’ll be here all night.

Torako: Pretty much the main character (Front and center in first picture). She is eccentric to say the least. If I were to compare her to any other anime character, I would say Luffy from One Piece. Therefore, we can use that property who’s name I forget to figure out if she’s a good character.

Torako = Luffy

Luffy = Awesome

Therefore Torako = Awesome

The seiyu who voiced her is Fumiko Orikasa, who also did Himeko in Pani Poni Dash. The reason I mention this is because Himeko is almost the same type of character as Torako, where she is eccentric. Himeko was also my favorite character from Pani Poni Dash, and I debated putting her on my Top Ten Characters list for a while

Tatsuki: She’s the girl with the long blue hair in the top picture. She is initially cold towards Torako, but then they become friends. Her dad is rich…she’s actually probably the most normal on the show.

Suzume: Easily my favorite character in the show. She loves to eat, and is pretty much Torako’s sidekick. She doesn’t talk much, and instead uses body language to communicate. However, she is nasty at everything inexplicably. In the top picture, she has the awesomest hair style (brown hair)

Ayumi: She’s a shy girl who lacks confidence, despite having gigantic tits. She is the first character shown in the show and has short blonde hair in the picture above.

Other then these characters there is Nene (huge lesbian), Ushio (delinquent, but not really), Koma (best dressed with all sorts of shit hanging off her, sells pictures of students for money), Chie (scientist girl), Inori (girl from The Ring), Minato (Dumb, annoying, crying girl with a fake tan), and Toma (bookworm). These are some of the other characters.

The worst character is Minato. She just brings down everyone. She cries all the time, and if you help her, she won’t leave you alone. She is fucking annoying. Hey Minato, go transfer, no one likes you.

I liked Lucky Star, and this reminded me of it a lot. I still think Lucky Star was better, but nevertheless, Hyakko surprised me when I decided to give it a



One thought on “Hyakko = Series Review

  1. Did it really change your life forever?

    Why the fuck did it take 6 episodes for a comedy anime to be comedic

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