The Three Stooges…REMAKE!?

Please God NO. NO NO NO NO

Nobody can replace The Three Stooges. Hollywood why? Why try. Why try and ruin everything for me. The Three Stooges, The ORIGINAL Three Stooges should be left alone. No other actors can play them. Why? Because it won’t be The Three Stooges, it would be three actors pretending to be the Three Stooges. I mean, Yea, I like Jim Carrey and all, I mean, he’s one of my favorite actors, but Curly? No. Curly is Curly. Jim Carrey is Jim Carrey. Does this make sense to you? Sean Penn? I can’t write anymore.


3 thoughts on “The Three Stooges…REMAKE!?

  1. P.S. Did they ever go through with this???

    P.S. Again Agreed this is one of the stupidest fucking shits I’ve ever heard of. Although I don’t understand why anyone would remake anything. If it was good, then it was already good and there’s no need to do it again. And it’s probably going to blow anyway because people already liked the original and not some shitty “enhanced” version. And if it was bad, why would you even remake it?? I know the answer is “money” but I don’t think there’s ever been a remake in history that has been successful critically or commercially. I don’t know how the fuck these people got their jobs and how they still have them.

    As for The Three Stooges, jesus christ, those were their roles. There are also a ton of episodes to watch so it isn’t like there’s a lack of Three Stooges content that a remake is needed to fill the void. hhhhhhhhhh

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