Fuck You Saved My High School Life

Once upon a time, I was in High School, struggling to get by in the harsh environment of hormones and crack. Lots of crack. Anyway, I was late for first period class one day, by like, 3 seconds, and my teacher, Mrs. Erickson, threw a fit.

“Why aren’t you on time, Jeremy?” she would say, exasperated.

“My name’s Jeff you bitch! Who the fuck is Jeremy?” I called out, hysterical.

“Jeremy is my late dogs name.” she sobbed.

She then began to bawl her eyes out, reminiscing about her poor dog. I felt bad all over. It seemed that I had made her really feel bad. I thought of things to do to cheer her up. Quietly, I put a steady hand on her quivering shoulder, and quietly said, “Fuck you.”

“Thank you Jeff, you’ve been a great help.” she whispered, with hints of sexual desire.

“Please see me after class.” she continued.

After class, I became involved sexually with said teacher, who had great knockers. She gave me an A for the course, which helped me pass High School.

The End (I don’t know if you can tell, but all of these literary masterpieces are freestyle written on the spot).


4 thoughts on “Fuck You Saved My High School Life

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  3. Why were you hysterical over someone named Jeremy??

    I think that’s the real issue here.

    Also the statutory rape adultery.

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