Shaman King = Series Review

Shaman King is like a torrent stuck on 99%. There may be spoilers

Shaman King

Apparently Shaman King sucked, and I just never got the memo, because the manga got cancelled before it ended, which lead to a hurriedly construed conclusion to the anime. I still thought that the ending [in the anime] was good (I don’t know if it was exactly the same as in the manga, because I didn’t really read the manga), but it left me craving more Shaman King.

Premise: This nastyness of anime centers around a kid named Yoh Asakura. He is a Shaman. Meaning, he can see and interact with ghosts. And there is a a tournament, called the Shaman Fight, that is held to determine who will become “Shaman King.” For some reason right now I am reminded of One Piece….

Well then. The anime was good, it had awesome characters and a good plot, which gets better than my shitty explanation, as there are some twists and stuff….alas, the manga was stopped before a true end could be produced….but then…..this just in (to my world):

They have been doing an entire reprinting of Shaman King, and it will feature a true end…..NICE. Now I’m going to read that.


Best Thing: Manga and anime that revolove around fighting tournaments are always good. They involve training. I like watching training. Take Naruto for example. My favorite episodes are when he trains, because he gets better. I’m weird like that. Also……..Amidamaru is one of the sickest dudes ever…pretty much the entire aspect of humans borrwing ghosts’ powers to get nasty at fighting is just really cool to me. Also, Yoh’s wife is cool, because she never has facial expressions. I think characters that don’t have facial expressions, and only show that dull, listless appearance are cool as well. I’m odd like that.

Worst Thing: Manta is the gayest character ever. He’s small, has dumb hair, and annoys me. They should make him become randomly nasty at everything. Then he wouldn’t suck.

Even though this review still sucked more balls then a vacuum cleaner turned on in a room full of marbles, I still suggest you watch all 64 episodes of Shaman King, because it is a really good anime. Like…..really. I gave it a



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