Toradora! = Series Review

The best random decision ever made by anyone ever. I clicked on it by accident, and decided to watch it, of course I would have watched it anyway eventually, but still. What makes Toradora one of the best anime of the year, and possibly Top Ten Worthy?


Taiga and Ryuuji

I’m not going to go into explaining what it’s about, because I’ve done that one-thousand times already, so I’ll jump into why it was so good, old school style: PROS AND CONS.

Pros (there’s a lot of them):

  • Rie Kugimiya at her best. She took the tsundere role that she usually plays and added some depth with a twist of lemon. Honestly, I think this is one of her best roles ever.
  • BAM moments in a ROMANTIC COMEDY! That comment in itself is a BAM moment because I would never believe that.
  • One of the best stories ever. Honestly, I waited for every single episode like they were the only thing that mattered. Fortunately, subs came very quick. I think I watched the subs for the last few episodes in the same day that the raws came out. There were no shitty fillers, and every episode satisfied like Snickers.
  • Standard J.C. Staff/Rie Kugimiya animation. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like every show Rie Kugimiya is in that is produced by J.C. Staff look eerily similar. However, I like said animation styles.
  • The characters were perfect. We have Ryuuji, the clean-freak-thought-to-be-delinquent-because-of-how-his-eyes-look-but-really-isn’t-one, Minori, the eccentric-but-really-quite-serious-one, Ami, the-stuck-up-bitch-who-really-just-want-to-be-understood, Kitamura, the-vice-president-but-slightly-odd-one, and of course, Taiga, the classic tsundere. I’d say they fit the bill, wouldn’t you?
  • Drama that isn’t to over the top, like in some shows, but instead has the perfect balance of has the right amount of drama. (I can’t really figure out how to explain it….it’s not too over the top, but it isn’t boring/annoying like real life drama.

There’s probably more, but I need to move on.


  • Episode 24 kind of moved a bit fast, as if they tried to cram a whole bunch of shit into it. They should have just added another episode, and taken their time a bit….I really had to search for this con.

With that being said, how was the last episode?

Toradora 25 Final = Episode Review

Taiga is not tall.

But you did Toradora. You did surprise me. Especially when you see the first-time ever grade I gave you (ooo intriguing!). I came into this series expecting nothing, because I had never heard of it. What I got was brilliance. In the final episode of Toradora, well, here’s what happens:

The episode starts off with Ryuuji’s mom (Yasuko) running toward the house where Ryuuji and Taiga are staying (Ryuuji’s grandparents’ house). She seems worried for Ryuuji, apparently under the belief that some misfortune has fallen upon him. She opens the door and finds Ryuuji sitting there, who simply remarks, “Yo.” It is revealed that Ryuuji had Taiga tell his mom a lie to get her to come to them. And it worked.

Later on, Yasuko is talking to her son, and tells him how his father got her pregnant and ran off with another women. She elected to still have him though, because she wanted to raise him. Ryuuji responds by telling her that he has grown up, and Yasuko agrees, saying that his back looked big when he was running away from her with Taiga (episode 24). She says that she was both happy and sad at that time, and scared because Ryuuji had grown up, and changed. Ryuuji then tells her that he won’t run away anymore, because it doesn’t solve anything. Yasuko cries a lot in the beginning of this episode. Jeez.

Flash forward to night. Ryuuji and Taiga have had their futons placed next to each other, because they’re going to be married, so it makes sense (according to Ryuuji’s grand-papa). Ryuuji tells Taiga that instead of running away, they should share their marriage with everyone, and get permission from Taiga’s parents. Taiga then puts a sheet over her head, pretending it’s a veil, and wants to practice for when they marry. Ryuuji is flustered and has no idea what to do when trying to say a vow, and Taiga remarks that no vows are better, bringing up an old quote that he said to her, “Since ancient times, the dragon has been the only equal to the Tiger.” She explains that this is why they don’t need a vow, because they’ll always be together….sappyyyy. Anyway, then this happens:

Usually you kiss for the first time BEFORE you get engaged, not AFTER.

Unless I missed something. That’s their first kiss, and makes the couple of Ryuuji and Taiga the most ass-backward couple ever. Here’s what I mean:

Normal Couple:

  1. Confess
  2. Kiss
  3. Sex
  4. Engage
  5. Marry

Ryuuji & Taiga:

  1. Engage
  2. Kiss
  3. Confess

They got engaged (decided to get married…same thing) before they even knew that they liked each other (they obviously knew, but they never said it to each other). That, my friends, is ass-backward.

Moving on, the trio of Ryuuji, his mom, and Taiga return to their house (Ryuuji’s). Taiga says that she just wants to go to her apartment really quick. She goes, and finds that her mother isn’t there, but had left several voice messages, that she laughs at for being quite childish. She never shows up for dinner, and when Ryuuji goes to investigate, he finds a note from Taiga, saying that she’s glad he loves her and that she won’t run away anymore. Then, she runs away (lying bitch). Ryuuji gets a text from her telling him that he never told her that he loved her.

The next day in school, it is revealed that she has left, and is no longer part of the school. Pretty much, she disappeared for no reason. The entire class texts her, and they are all given replies in the form of a picture of a dark sky with one star, that Taiga took with her phone on the night previous. They take a picture of the class and the star from Christmas, and send that to her. On the day of the ceremony, Ryuuji think he sees her in the classroom. He quickly enters the school and sprints to the room, finding it empty, aside from the desks and one locker. He goes to the locker and opens it, discovering Taiga, and causing the following actions to take place:


Taige gets embarassed.

Taiga headbutts Ryuuji.


What a great, great show. A show of such brilliance hasn’t been viewed by me in a long time, therefore I award it two things, a


and slot 8 in my Top Ten….this makes it the first time that an anime with romance as the main theme goes to my top ten.

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