Rain + Anime = I’m Pissed Off

I don’t know if it’s just me, but whenever there’s rain in an episode of any anime, I’m already accepting disappointment. I have never seen an anime episode I liked that has rain in it. Coincidentally, D. Gray Man has a lot of episodes where it is dark and raining. D. Gray Man sucks. I’ve suffered through 40 episodes, and it still sucks. If I had to rate it right now as a show, it would get a 3 at best. How I haven’t dropped it is anyone’s guess. I haven’t seen a show this shitty, boring, and so far away from what I expected to get since….

I had expected Samurai 7 to be great. I mean let’s tally all of the awesome things it has:

  • Samurai – Holy shit I love samurai!
  • Based on a masterpiece film “Seven Samurai” by Akira Kurosawa, who is awesome (I loved the movie)
  • 7 – It’s my fucking lucky number!

But then it was ruined by:

  • Long, boring, stretched out dialogue.
  • Boring, shitty fight scenes that rarely occurred.
  • Robots.

This was a mistake of an anime, and in case you don’t know this, Robots eat old people’s medicine for fuel. That’s dick. It also had rain in an episode or two.

I don’t  want to create the misconception that I have disdain for rain (bam), because I love rain. I will do anything in the rain. Some days my friends and I will be bored, and I will suggest, “Let’s play some soccer, or better yet, wiffleball.” They always decline, complaining of pouring rain outside.


Are you a witch? Will you melt? Are you suggesting that bathing escapes you on a daily basis? Do you not want to get dirty? Grow some balls, throw on some shitty clothes, and lets play some football in the rain and fuck up the grass. WHY??? BECAUSE IT’S FUCKING FUN.

Here’s a comparison:

Rain is the clear winner.

In conclusion, rain makes everything better. Everything, except anime. And don’t even get me started on rain’s cousin, snow. Snow sucks just as bad.

EDIT: The one sport that you can’t really play in the rain is outdoor basketball. I don’t feel like snapping my ankle thank you very much. Although they do make gyms.


6 thoughts on “Rain + Anime = I’m Pissed Off

  1. “Robots eat old people’s medicine for fuel. ”
    hahahahahahahahhaah this was my gmail name for a while
    I love this sketch so much I actually died and I am a ghost


    ps.. .. What is wiffleball??????

    “I don’t feel like snapping my ankle thank you very much.”
    “I will do anything in the rain.”

  2. Anyway I love rain and I love rain in anime and I don’t see any evidences or proofs that rain in anime suck so maybe it is YOU sir that suck.

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