Sora Wo Kakeru Shoujo – For Real This Time

I’ve found the title for this anime spelled so many different ways. I think this is the correct way, because “o” is not a Japanese character. “Wo” is, and is pronounced “o”, so this one wins over “Sora o Kakeru Shoujo”. I also don’t usually use the titles in English, (with a few exceptions). I keep it fucking real bitch.

Where was I when this show first came out? I haven’t heard about it until about 2 weeks ago. It’s great. The first episode was confusing to me, but it had some really cool and very original animation/ideas for the world that these people live in (the far future). Everything is in space, people live in space, in colonies, which, from the inside, look like Earth. This anime focuses around a girl, Akiha, who accidentally meets an AI Robot named Lelouch Lamperouge Leopard. After this, she and a girl named Honoka, who rarely shows emotion on her expressionless face, search for parts for Lelouch Leopard, who needs them. He needs them, because he is the mind behind a colony (housing for a shitload of people in space). Of course, his colony is empty besides Honoka, but Akiha doesn’t worry about the fact that she’s breaking the law to get said items (not because she’s bad-ass, but because she’s dumb), and goes and gets them. This, however, is not really the main plot.

This anime just picked up massively during the last couple episodes (which, for me, means episodes 6-8). This show was already cool, it was probably looking at a 4 in the ratings, but it wasn’t bad. But now it just flipped, and the real plot was finally revealed. I’m happy, but at the same time kind of pissed, because I really want to start giving out some ratings lower than a 5. The fact is, The anime I’ve been watching has been great so far.

As previously said the characters are great, and I especially like Lelouch Leopard, as I have also said before. In one episode, he gets these gold spheres. As a man, I can tell that these are his balls. I mean, he treats them like balls, jokes are made to insinuate that they are balls……balls.

So my first impression? Good. I look forward to a developing plot. This show almost reminds me of Mai HiME in the way that costumes are designed and characters look. Of course, Mai HiME vs Sore wo Kakeru Shoujo isn’t even a question. Mai HiME was awesome. What was I talking about again?

My Suggestion: Give this a try, get through the first three episodes, and you will be hooked.


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