Black Lagoon = Series Review

Never has a series pissed me off more. Why?

Black Lagoon

This is the background to my computer right now.

Well well well…..where to begin with this shit-pile. Oh wait….I’m talking about Black Lagoon. I guess I’ll start off by saying that my Top Ten has been moving around so much in the past few days that I might have to stop watching anime so it can get a little breather:

Premise: This anime begins with a business man, named Okajima Rokuro. He is a lowly business man, and his life kinda sucks. Basically, he’s treated like shit by all of his….well… everyone he works with. One day, he is sent to deliver am important disk in the nice tropics of Southeast Asia somewhere. This disk is important, as it contains scandalous information that could ruin the reputation of the company. Suddenly, whoops! Here are some pirates! Three pirates to be exact. To be even more precise, they are known as The Black Lagoon, and are made up of Dutch, the boat driver, Benny, the computer wiz, and Revy, the most bad-ass female character ever made in history of anything ever, They take Rokuro hostage on their boat (I should say Revi does) because they think he might be worth some $$$$. However, they call his company and they effectively tell Rock, (Dutch nicknamed Rokuro Rock) to fuck off and die.

Needless to say Rock is aggravated. He’s sick of getting treated like trash. A long story short, Rock is given the opportunity to return to his job, but turns it down, claiming that he’s already dead (when his boss told him to fuck off and die, he also told him that he was already dead, so this is kinda like a fuck you from Rock). Rock stays and joins up with the Black Lagoon guys, who are a delivery company, and brush against the law from time to time.


This anime reminded me a lot of Cowboy Bebop, except better. In a nutshell, I’d say it was Cowboy Bebop + (Devil May Cry – fake monsters & bullshit) + more awesome characters + even more awesomeness. In fact, it’s nothing like Devil May Cry. Why the fuck did I even compare them?

Anyway, I’m really liking the pros and cons again, so:


  • Revy is one of the most bad-ass characters ever. And is the best female character ever… anything. Ever.

Basically, Revy totes guns, she makes number runs, and she gives emcees the runs dripping. Well, she shoots the shit out of everything anyway…..I mean, she really loves to kill people. It’s great. Also, I really, REALLY loved what the seiyu, Megumi Toyoguchi did. She even spoke English! “Nice-o Job-o!”

The other characters rocked too (even Rock…GET IT!?), but Revy’s the only one I’m going to go into detail with.

  • The animation of course was great. It had great gun-fight scenes and didn’t look like shit. Although animation doesn’t really matter to me anymore (lol yeah right. I’m shallow)I felt that they did a great job here.
  • Tiger Woods……..he’s a PRO Golfer…..get it?
  • This anime is made of of several different arcs (the different jobs that Black Lagoon does throughout) but it also contains underlying/internal conflicts that the characters go through throughout the show. Especially Rock, in dealing with the new life of constantly being around guns and killing. But also with Revy, and how her attitude towards Rock changes. I felt that this anime did a great job of keeping me glued in my seat.
  • The OP was sick. I honestly felt like putting this in my Top Ten, JUST after seeing the OP. I think I even told someone that.
  • Great quotes. This anime has great quotes, like,

Kapitan: “Give any runners extra assholes!”


Bao: “How many times have you destroyed my shop?! (shoots an attacker) You owe me for all of this! Or I’ll weld your asshole shut and make you a new one on your head!”


Revy: “This is so boring! Shoot him [Rock] in his knees. He’ll start singing like a bird.”


  • The ending. I like how the music merges with the end of the episode, but sometimes I feel like it changes the mood of the episode, and is altogether to creepy and sad to match the show. Gimmie something more like the opening. That’s what I want.
  • Rock needs to fucking shoot someone. Seriously.

All in all I felt that this show was so gunslingin’ and nasty, that I have no choice but to give it a


Spot Number 6 in my Top Ten

……But wait, if it’s in my top ten….why did it piss me off???


Because it ended, and now I have to wait for more.

Damn, Bill just got up from his recent beat-down by Toradora!, when he suddenly gets a new asshole by Revy and the Black Lagoon.

Bill is not pictured, because Revy shot him 89 times. (He'll be fine though don't worry)

A third season is announced. I can’t wait.