Akikan!: Filler is Killer

I must say that this was a lack-luster series. I really liked it through the first 6 or 7 episodes, but that shitty filler episode/dumb ending really killed it.


This is gonna be short.

Premise: This show is about cans that turn into girls and supposedly have to fight each other.

Reactions: The first arc, which was made up of the first seven episodes I believe, were awesome. I thought to myself, “Now here is a show that I’m gonna love.” It reminded me a lot of Inukami! which I absolutely love. Of course, after that, this show began picking up dirt on it’s treads, thus it did not grip my attention as well as it did previously, and the last three episodes really made me lost intrest. It was the classic example of an anime that fades.

Biggest Pro:

  • It featured a pretty cool plot, and involved a couple great voice actors/actresses (Jun Fukuyama and Mamiko Noto….and I didn’t even realize it but Megumi Toyoguchi (Revy – Black Lagoon) is in it).

Biggest Con:

  • Too many shitty episodes, like the pool one and the stupid filler episode really brought it down. Not to mention the crappy, obvious, cliche ending. All they had to do was call out their Akikan’s name to get them back. Talk about cheap.

All in all, Akikan! ruled the Earth for the first 7 episodes, but because it faded faster than something that goes away right after it appears, it gets a



11 thoughts on “Akikan!: Filler is Killer

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  7. Something that isn’t a 5 with some strange markings after it?
    Has the world stopped being a world???


    I hate when people use abbreviations for two different things. ETA is estimated time of arrival, NOT edited to add. Except that I just used it like that. wait no


    Furthermore LTTP is Link to the Past, not late to the party. Goddamn cocknoblers.

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