xxxHOLiC Kei = xxxHOLiC^2

So I had previously watched the first 4 episodes of xxxHOLiC Kei like….a month ago, then I got side tracked by some awesome show and didn’t watch it again until last night, when I finished the whole series easily.

xxxHOLiC Kei


I enjoyed xxxHOLiC a lot. I thought that xxxHOLiC Kei was even better. Instead of going into everything. I’ll just write something really short, and tell you why “Kei” was better than the first season.

xxxHOLiC +++

  1. The first reason why it was better was simply because everything throughout the show connected better. For example, in the first season, each episode could potentially be viewed on it’s own, and had no relation to the next episodes (there are of course a few exceptions: Introduction of the Pipe Fox, and arcs that ran more than 1 episode). In xxxHOLiC Kei, something that appeared maybe midway through the show would re-appear later, a few examples being the Eye situation and the Pinky situation. I felt that this connected the shw a lot better, and made it easier to watch the whole series (about) in one sitting.
  2. Watanuki gets the shit beat out of him more than once. The thing with the eye, the window/fall/glass/blood situation. He get’s fucked up this season. And rightfully so, because he’s fucking annoying.
  3. The introduction of the creepy psychic girl Kohane. She’s quiet, and has very little expressions. I believe I’ve made my self clear on how I feel about people who give little emotion. I call them “cold” people.

What Did I Not Like?

  1. Why can’t Watanuki just not be such a bitch. Domeki saves his ass more than once, and all he does is complain. If I was Domeki, I would beat his ass regularly, or tell him to do stuff by himself.
  2. My favorite character, Zashiki-warashi, did not only not get enough screen time, but did not hook up with Watanuki. Fuck Himawari-chan.

Thus, because this anime was better than the first season, but still not enough to be considered a “really-fuckin-good” anime, I’ll give it exactly what I gave the first season:



3 thoughts on “xxxHOLiC Kei = xxxHOLiC^2

  1. Why would you want your favorite character to hook up with Watanuki?

    Agreed, Watanuki is way too much of a bitch. But I think that’s to show just how deep Doumeki’s love for him is that he puts up with such a huge bitch. Man, what a masochist.

    What is 5*???

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