Maria + Holic = I Just Don’t Get It

I really don’t get it. Oh I get the premise of the show, but I don’t get why I liked it. I shall explain my theories.

Maria + Holic

In all honesty, it could have been a lot better. I thought they did an ok job with it though.

Premise: Lesbian girl (Kanako) goes to a [Catholic?] school for girls and on the first day (before the first day technically) she meets, Mariya, who she discovers is actually a cross dressing boy when he touches her (she breaks out in hives when a boy touches her). Hilarious first episode, I thought it had potential to knock down walls at this point.

I thoroughly enjoyed this series through the first 6 episodes…..then it started getting repetitive. Same jokes, same shit happening every, single, episode. Normally, this calls for a drop, HOWEVER, there are several reasons that kept this episode alive:

  1. The best combo of OP and ED ever. The OP is probably my favorite of the year, as well as the ED. This kept me watching, and ensured that I would watch from OP to ED.
  2. Shaft [productions studio] rules. If they hadn’t made this show, I probably wouldn’t have even watched it liked it as much. Personally, I’m a sucker for Shaft. I can’t help but like everything they make. Besides the awesome OPs and EDs that they ALWAYS make (Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei? Forget about it. Awesome in every single way. I wish I had more room on my top ten), the animation is always usually awesome.
  3. The Priest in the last few episodes. He’s a funny ass guy.

Basically, this show was just poorly written. Every single episode was pretty much the same:

  1. Kanako bleeds
  2. Mariya has one line telling Kanako that she’s a pervert
  3. Her maid agrees
  4. More nosebleeds
  5. Kanako reiterates over and over girls are beautiful, and she wants them
  6. Kanako nosebleeds
  7. The end

Whoops I guess that I just spoiled every single episode for the whole season. Honestly, I looked forward to this show  every week, even though I knew what I was gonna get.  I never felt as though it was bad though. I would gladly approve of a second season, as this type of repetitiveness isn’t as bad compared to say, Ranma 1/2 (which I will never finish. I average one episode per month at my rate) or Naruto Fillers, or D. Gray Man (More like D. GAY Man LOL!!! (assume that the LOL is sarcastically pronounced)). I was going to give this a five at the beginning of this post (due to the OP and ED and Shaft really), but that would be retarded, because then I’d have to base every show off of the OP and ED, and it would then just be a review of the OP and ED. Therefore, even though I liked the material more than most shows that I give this rating too, Maria + Holic gets a


Revy shot Kanako in the face and really gave her a nosebleed.

(Remember, Bill died)


Dunkeroos Kick Ass

Whatever happened to those? They were so bangin. I remember how my mom wouldn’t let me have them, but there would always be one kid at school who had them, and everyone would try and trade their entire lunch and their mother to get them. Dunkeroos rule.