Gantz Manga > Gantz Anime

Let me just say. If you thought the anime of Gantz was good, or if you thought it was good, but had  shitty ending, or fuck, even if you thought that the idea behind Gantz was almost cool a little bit, then read the fuckin manga.

Exhibit A: Kei is the fucking man.

Exhibit B: Even though the anime was EXACTLY like the manga UP TO A POINT (as in frame for frame), they stopped it RIGHT WHEN IT GOT AWESOME. Pretty much, after the Buddha fight in the anime, the manga gets awesome. Why? Why do this? (You could easily make a filler arc where they have to fight some random aliens. They could have easily made it a continuous anime. If they did, it would be looking at my top ten right now easily…..probably).

Exhibit C: I want one of those suits (one that works and is real). Although I don’t really need one, because I’m freaking built son (lies….all lies).

If the anime of Gantz was every bad-ass in the world, then the manga would take several hits from the anime, say, “Now it’s my turn!”, punch it once in the throat, and kill it. Then i would sneer, and wipe some blood/sweat away from his mouth with the side of a clenched fist, while giving a chuckle.. That’s how insanely awesome the manga is. Oh, I forgot, although the anime wasn’t really BAMmy, the manga is fucking BAM-tastic. This might be is the best manga ever.


This is the cast as of now. Everyone else is pretty much dead. Which is good, because they were annoying, and these guys rule. This grop is so diverse and grand, lets explain:

(from left to right, clockwise….I can’t remember all there names, and I don’t feel like looking them up)

Cherry – Wanted to kill himself because of bullies. Instead, that sensei dude with the glasses taught him how to CONTROL SHIT WITH HIS MIND.

Izumi – Most popular kid in school. He’s huge, nasty at sports, looks good, I guess everyone loves him. But he hates normal life, and just wants to return to Gantz (he already got 100 points and bounced). He then kills a mass amount of people for Gantz, and gets sent back there.

Some Fighter Guy – I can’t remember his name. But if I were to compare him to someone, it might be apples, because he’s jacked.

Sensei Dude with Glasses – He taught Cherry his powers, thus, he also has powers.

Kei – The man. He doesn’t even need a suit to fight against FUCKING DINOSAURS.

And holy shit….vampires now??? Fucking awesome!

Formula of Man = 5th Law

I had been studying this theory all my life, but after today, and April 1st where I was certainly mad a fool of, that it is no longer a theory, but has evolved into a law.

F(w) = L



A nice, simple equation. Translated, it means that Funds multiplied by the amount of time (weeks) that you have these funds, equals the amount of luck that a person has. Let’s say you have 1000 dollars for 2 weeks.

1000(2) = 2000

By this equation, you would have 2000 knods. (a knod is a measure of a untit of luck, which I just made up). with 2000 knods, you might find a penny every now and then, but it’s really not that much. On the other side, let’s say you have no money, like me. The rule changes, because there is such thing as negative (or bad) luck. Therefore, if you have no money, you need to plug in -1 for funds, so that time matters:

-1(2) = -2

Negative two. That’s shitty. But you could still get by with it. Pretty much, you just wouldn’t find a penny. Here’s me:

-3000(14) = -42000

Yea. I started off with one -1 knod, but if you leave that for too long, you start to fall into debt, and this farther effects the equation. Here’s what to expect if you remain at -1 knod for too long:

  • Well first your computer break, putting you in debt for about 200 dollars. Not to mention the fact that you still owed your parents 2000 dollars from that time they paid for your lawyer when you got arrested.
  • After your computer breaks, you start needing gas, school supplies, and a bunch of other shit will inevitably break.
  • After that, the job that you had lined up will be delayed because the fucking Mayor of New Britain, CT wants to lay people of or some shit. Hey Mayor! JUST GET A BAILOUT, EVERYONE’S DOING IT.
  • After that, school will suddenly overwhelm you with all sorts of shit, not to mention the fact that molding clay on the wheel is hard, but everyone else seems to get it but you.
  • Then you will be pulled over, and need to pay 200 dollars, which no one will lend you, since your parents are sick of you needing money.
  • Since you can not pay this ticket, which isn’t even that bad ($211) and that you would gladly pay if you had even 500 dollars at the time, you will be left with two choices (none of which have happened yet to me):
  1. Rob someone, get the money and pay the ticket (whoops, you’ll get arrested for robbing  someone, no matter how good of a plan you have).
  2. A warrant will be issued for the unpaid ticket, and you will be jailed until you pay it, which is impossible, because you’ll be stuck in jail.

Pretty much, if you’re me, your life sucks, and you’ve really had enough of this bullshit. Of course, if you have money, good for you, you’ll never have any bad luck ever. Go ahead and laugh in my face when you find a bundle of money laying on the ground  you fuckin ass-hole.

New Black Lagoon Spinoff

There is already a new season announced for Black Lagoon, but apparently there is also going to be a spin off series, which is kind of the same thing that To Aru Majutsu no Index is doing.

Bible Black Lagoon: Fools’ Gold Sex

This could be foolish. Who knows?

As for me, I loved Black Lagoon, so I will be watching.

Premise: The crew of Black Lagoon runs ashore on an island, and has to have lots and lots of sex in order to escape from the other inhabitants of the island, who want to have lots of sex with them. This, coupled with lots of sex, could make this the show of the year.

It’s highly anticipated, and other series are already following suit. Black Blood Brothers (Bible Black Blood Brothers), Black Cat (Bible Black Cat), and Darker than Black (Darker than a Color that’s Still Pretty Dark, But Isn’t Exactly Black), are also slated to come out sometime this summer.

I don’t know about you, but I love sex, so I will be watching this with open eyes and an unzipped fly.