New Black Lagoon Spinoff

There is already a new season announced for Black Lagoon, but apparently there is also going to be a spin off series, which is kind of the same thing that To Aru Majutsu no Index is doing.

Bible Black Lagoon: Fools’ Gold Sex

This could be foolish. Who knows?

As for me, I loved Black Lagoon, so I will be watching.

Premise: The crew of Black Lagoon runs ashore on an island, and has to have lots and lots of sex in order to escape from the other inhabitants of the island, who want to have lots of sex with them. This, coupled with lots of sex, could make this the show of the year.

It’s highly anticipated, and other series are already following suit. Black Blood Brothers (Bible Black Blood Brothers), Black Cat (Bible Black Cat), and Darker than Black (Darker than a Color that’s Still Pretty Dark, But Isn’t Exactly Black), are also slated to come out sometime this summer.

I don’t know about you, but I love sex, so I will be watching this with open eyes and an unzipped fly.


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