Hayate no Gotoku! = Return of the Awesome!


No that’s not all….I need to have a big ass post because I fucking love this show.

This was a good episode to re-introduce all of the characters, in case you somehow forgot the 52 episodes from last season, or have never watched Hayate before, in which case you should probably watch the first season……well…….first.

Ask and you shall....


In this triumphant return of an episode, Nagi must run in a marathon. As you should know, she is not a fan of exercise.


It was such a great episode, that I watched it three time! (looking for the first two screen shots, which I finally realized were after the credits. My resulting feelings can be summed up as:

"You can't be serious" look.

I really, truly, love this show. The only thing is, last season, Nagi had a birthday, so she should be 14, but she was introduced as 13 in this episode. Also, last season Hayate had been a butler for around a year, but now it only seems to be a month. I’ve never read the manga, (I read a couple pages once at Borders, but that doesn’t count), so I don’t know if the anime just picks random chapters or if their doing something different or what’s going on with that. It’s not a big deal, but I’m making it one.

Also, it’s got a bangin ED.

Phantom – Doesn’t Copy Scarface

Look familiar?

That doesn’t mean anything.

He is standing at the top of a two sided staircase, overlooking them. Familiar?

Ok so the room in the opening scene is exactly like the one at the end of Scarface. Scarface was a pretty good movie, so that must mean this show looks good too……right?

Well, it’s too early to tell. This show as of now can go many different ways. I have a feeling of how it’s going to play out, and since I’m always right, I guess I spoiled this whole show for me. It looks good though, because anything with assasins is awesome. My dream job is actually to be an assasin. Little fun fact for ya. (My real dream job is to do nothing. Literally, nothing).

K-ON!: The Story of Chatmonchy

Well not really, there’s a keyboard player, so she kinda ruins it…..and then there’s castanets….but still, this show seems great so far…..

Hopefully Yui learns the guitar (I bet she gets nasty at it), then this show will rule.

Also, great OP/ED….I really like the ED.

They’re totally Chatmonchy with an extra member/different personalities/different sounding band.