Asura Cryin’ = Best New Anime of 09?

Normally, I download torrents of episodes, and when I am done watching an episode, I delete it. This conserves room on my computer (this completely negates the purpose of me buying a bigger hard drive if I’m not going to save anything, but whatever). Although this is the normal course of action I take after watching an episode, I will not be deleting any episodes of Asura Cryin’ anytime soon. This anime could be great.

Asura Cryin’

Let’s start this off by looking at the end. The ED for this is one of the best I’ve seen in a long ass time. It almost reminds me of the OP for Elfen Lied, which was good (I like this more):

Now, quickly, why do I now have high expectations for this show?

  • The animation quality is superb. Maybe it’s just because the shows I’ve been watching recently (Kurokami, Shikabane Hime) have what I would call lackluster quality, reflected mainly by the dull colors. Either way, it seems that the colors are brighter and better for Asura Cryin’ than any other shows I’ve been watching. Hayate also has nice bright colors and good quality.
  • From what I can tell, I like the characters, which is important:

Two different colored eyes = A+++

  • A miko (apparently) with two different colored eyes. A ghost, a kid that sees ghosts, and three groups of people who all fight each other. There’s a whole bunch of other awesome characters in the mix two. This anime showed me a lot so far, and I can deduce that the following genres are involved in this show (Assumptions):
  1. Action
  2. Supernatural
  3. Romance
  4. Harem
  5. Comedy
  6. Mecha?

That sets the tone for something good. In that sense, the show is looks like it could be to Spring what To Aru Majutsu no Index was to Winter. (Too bad it’s only going to be 13 episodes.  All good series are 20 episodes or higher (Toradora, and Index recently. I’m also liking Sore wo Kakeru Shoujo).
I am expecting big things from you Asura Cryin’. Big things. Although Hayate is still most likely my favorite current show, that girl with two different eyes is going on my header, because she looks cool.


4 thoughts on “Asura Cryin’ = Best New Anime of 09?

  1. i agree with u this sh0w r0cks. but a l0t of pe0ple have been giving it awful reviews. they say it is t00 complicated and there is just a bunch 0f shit put t0gether. i think they are all retards and d0nt understand pl0t.. h0wever this sh0w is g0ing to kick ass!!

  2. This show was such a troll. I thought it was fucking awesome in the beginning as well but around epsiode 5 or 6 the plot was just so shitty. Random ass characters just fucking popped in out of nowhere.

    • yeah I think I ended up giving this a 3. Honestly, the animation sucked the plot was fucking retarded. This show had such a good start and then went down fast and hard. Can’t believe they made another season. God knows who actually took time to watch it.

  3. Anyone could tell that this would fail due to its stupid title.

    Anyone, except… GLO THE LEGEND!


    I think better than mecha anime is anime that later randomly has mecha. Like do do do HOLY SHIT GIANT FUCKING ROBOTS!

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