Sengoku Basura/Shangri-La -Initial Thoughts

Boy. I really really really really know how to pick em’. I haven;t found a single show yet that doesn’t look great.

The first of these bangout, which I actually watched second, is

Sengoku Basara

This is the show I’ve been waiting for, and didn’t even know it. Oballer (link on blogroll) beat me to it, because he saw the episode first, but he was right when he said that this show is Samurai Warriors wrapped up in an anime, which means that it is basically taken right out of the book of Japanese History of the Sengoku period (which I know like the back of my hand thanks to Samurai Warriors and a shit load of reseach, that I did FOR FUCKING FUN BITCH). If this follows history, I know everything down to the characters personalities, fuck, I even know the battles, which so far, from what I can tell, are pretty precise. I love this shit. I have been playing own every Samurai Warriors game there is, and they rule. Of course, this anime is based off of a completely different game, but that game sucks (never actually played it), so I’m going to pretend it’s based off of Samurai Warriors. Speaking of Samurai Warriors, I am FUCKING PISSED that they are only releasing the third installment for Wii. I just bought a fuckin xbox, I’m not gonna go buy a Wii now too. Why. Why couldn’t you take some other game (besides Mirror’s Edge). It had to be the one game I’ve been waiting for huh? I never, EVER thought I’d say this, but FUCK YOU NINTENDO. Oh and the show looks great. I give a a 5^^ already….like…..that’s it’s FINAL GRADE. Just because of the characters.

Escpecially Yukimura and Shingen Takeda (Oyakata in the anime). They are a great and funny duo. Shingen and Kenshin battled each other 5 times, but in the anime, they made Kenshin look like a little bitch, and he’s voiced by a girl too. That aggrivates me, because Kenshin is bad-ass.

I hope Keiji Maeda is in this. That would be sick.

Awesome show so far…..speaking of awesome:


The anime. It looks really, really good. All I can say it that it reminds me of Ergo Proxy mixed with Princess Mononoke. It has a feel of: “Wow, they really tried.” Not to mention:

Hello, another show that features someone with two different colored eyes. Absolute Bang-out.

This, plus boomerang-girl and cross-dressing-man set this show up for a bang-shaft-slam-fest of awesome.

EDIT: My hair is fucking long. It’s literally down to my shoulders. I need to get a picture of it before in case I ever I cut it.

Anime Misconceptions

I think I already wrote something about this, but I’m going to try and re-word things, make it easier to understand, maybe even learn a thing or two myself. There are several common misconceptions by those who view anime in general from a distance, with little to no actual interaction with the genre of anime itself.

I decided on the idea of this post when talking to my good friend and ISSS idealist Robert, whose site gives both credibility to the term, “ISSS” and delivers thought provoking/witty humor to all who veiw it.

We were chatting on this thing called “AIM” I think, and he said:

rvivafutbolp5290 (10:59:09 PM): how do you watch some of the shit you watch
rvivafutbolp5290 (10:59:17 PM): I would NEVER fuckin watch a ROMANTIC CARTOON
rvivafutbolp5290 (10:59:22 PM): DO YOU HEAR YOURSELF?
Soccersox87 (10:59:46 PM): no i hear you

After my witty and sharp tongued comeback, I thought to myself, “Yea that does sound kind of gay.” But then I remembered, Anime rules, and if you don’t understand this, then I really need to explain this in a really awesome and awe-inspiring post on my grand ISSS, which I am proud to say, FINALLY reached triple digits in daily views with a flat 100 views yesterday. However, I wrote this instead. So fuck you.


I've picked up 13 of these shows.

First and foremost here is why people don’t watch anime:

  • People base their knowledge of anime off of what other people think of it. The same is true for everything. People follow each other and imitate each other. Just ask Jean Piaget, imitation is in human nature. A better way to explain is would be that people are “Jumping on the Bandwagon”. And right now, the bandwagon says that anime sucks. Too bad the bandwagon knows nothing about Anime, therefore, all of their comments are nothing more than baseless assumptions.

Most people believe that because Anime is animated, it automatically is for a younger age group, automatically sucks, or automatically means that anyone who chooses to enjoy anime has no life. Sometimes it is made for a younger audience, but it works on the other side of the spectrum too, as some anime is so fucked up that even I can’t watch it.

Some anime is good. Some anime sucks. The same is true with genres of all forms of entertainment though. Watching anime is really no different than listing to a brand of music, it’s simply a form of entertainment, some people take it to extremes, and other choose to indulge moderately. I probably fall somewhere between moderate and extreme. Honestly, I don’t understand why anime is categorized as “gay” and “for faggots” (not that there’s anything wrong with that [being gay….I’m not though]).

Here are some American anime that people seem to love, and that are accepted as opposed to Japanese anime:

  • The Simpsons
  • Family Guy
  • South Park

Before you say something really fucking stupid like, “Those aren’t anime!” let me just tell you that you’re a fuck head. Anime is simply short for animation (I think this is obvious), therefore any cartoon is animation, thus anime, but why are Japanese animations viewed so differently? How come if you happen to watch Japanese Animations you suddenly suck and have no life?

Japanese Animations all follow similar styles of artistic design. For the most part you get spiky hair and huge fuckin eyes. The character’s rarely even look Japanese, but instead look more western, if anything. I must say that this style draws me in a lot. I like art (am an art major), and as a young white male, it seems to be mandatory that I love all things Japan (this is an extreme understatement). Japanese art rules. Anime looks sick. This is one reason why I like it. HOWEVER. this post is not about me it’s about commons misconceptions. I always get off-topic.

In terms of general plots, people seem to think that anime is all little kid plots, like Digimon and Pokemon (they are, but so are most anime shows televised in the U.S.). However, the good shows are never broadcast here for some reason. And the good shows that do make it on air in the States are heavily censored and changed to fit the mold of little kids. America effectively ruins anime (I feel). A good example is One Piece, which the U.S. completely ruined. For the most part, I find that the plots in anime are more involved, include more dynamic characters, and are generally more complex/stimulating then any shitty reality show or piece of shit citcom that airs in the U.S.

A good example is Deathnote, which contains so many unexpected plot twists and developments that it’s ridiculous. For the most part, anime contains many adult themes and designs. I mean, true, sometimes anime is as brainless as any other type of shit out there, and sometimes this anime could be good (comedies?) and sometimes is sucks completely (pretty much anything with fan service). But  for the most part, anime has much more depth to it than other shows and cover several genres.

Anime with great depth:

  • Deathnote
  • Full Metal Alchemist
  • Samurai Champloo (not really, but the fact that it involves hip hop into it makes it fucking awesome).

This brings me to what is hopefully the last point in the pointlessly long post. Romance in anime. You know what, show me a show that doesn’t have some romance. Even disney movies have romance. For the most part, I stay away from anime that is straight romance. (I don’t actually think that I’ve seen any straight romance). Almost all romance anime have some form of comedy in them, and then get serious toward the end. Why are romantic cartoons bad? Because they’re drawn? Does drawing or animating a show take away anything from the plot? Not really, in fact, I’d say that when you draw something, you are given a lot more freedom to develop and portray your ideas. There are no borders and boundaries when you draw. You want to have a giant octopus attack a pirate ship? No CG needed, all you need is a pencil, some paper, and a bit of imagination.

The Common Misconceptions were pretty much lost in this long rambling post, so here they are in case you missed them, (in numbers like time):

  1. Anime is for kids – A large amount of anime is made to older audiences, and contains adult themes.
  2. Anime does not share the same level of intelligence/plot development that live action shows have.
  3. Anime does not project the same levels of feeling/emotion that live action shows do, because it is animated.
  4. Anime is not exciting.
  5. Serious tones, such as romance/drama, can not exist in Anime, because Anime is……well……..animated.

But the biggest, worst, and stupidest misconception that is taken by those who don’t like anime is:


It doesn’t. It rules……look at this cat…\/

That’s funny.

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood/ Saki


FMA: Brotherhood

Full Metal Alchemist is one of my favorite the best shows ever. I everyone is pumped that it is back. All I can say is that with an OP by Yui, who rules and is hot, this show appears to be just as “can’t miss” as the first FMA.

The first episode was awesome. Off course, the first episode of any show that you love that suddenly comes back after a long ass time is bound to be awesome. I just wish I knew who subbed it so I can download the torrent, because the video for streaming makes everything so small.

FMA wasn't truly back until this scene.

Not only that, but it seems to be following the Manga, and the animation kicks everything in the face. Next up is Saki:


It seems like every show I pick up nowadays randomly has Rie Kugimiya in it. I had no clue that she was in this, and then I heard her voice. This means that currently I am watching about 5 shows that feature her. Does she do anything but voicing characters? She’s in both of the shows listed in this post!

Anyway, the show seems really cool……except…..I don’t know a God damn thing about Mahjong. I’m going to try and learn it before I watch any more episodes. I don’t suggest watching this unless you know how to play. Otherwise, it looks pretty sweet.

Holy shit my new header rules like a king.

Simoun – Almost A Masterpiece

Almost. Definitely a great, great series.



A lot of times when I was watching this show, I felt less like I was watching an anime series, and more like I was watching an anime movie that deserves an Oscar or some high award.

Premise: Simoun is about a group of girls, who fly these machines called Simoun. They are said to be the “Chariots of God”, and only priestesses (Sibyllae) are allowed to fly them. I should point out also, that in this world, everyone is born a female, and at the age of 17 you decide whether you wish o be female or male, so all of the girls are those which have not yet chosen a sex. Simoun are special in themselves, and there is a reason why they are called the “Chariots of the Gods”. They can create shapes in the sky,  called Ri Majon, which can destroy enemies, amongst other things. Anyway, this series centers around the mysteries of the Simoun, and the lives of the girls flying them.

Why is this anime so good?

Amongst other things, I found that the main reason why I thought this anime was so damn good was the flow that it had. The music, the animation, and the characters emotions all coincided perfectly.

  • Music – The music in this series to me was like something that you would find in a great film. It had such a smooth feel to it that I really think that the music is what pulled everything in this series together. Also, the Italian (seemingly) type of feel it gave off at times made me feel like I was in the Renaissance, which is artistic, just like this awesome show. If Simoun was a quilt, then the music was the thread.
  • Animation – It was pretty good, I especially liked how in some scenes the animation would change to a color sketch, which gave it an added feel of art….or something like that.
  • The Characters – Were awesome? Yes? Yes. They were awesome. Every single character was dynamic and went through several emotional changes, except Floe, who is a stuck up bitch:

  • Plot – It may not seem like anything special from the shitty premise I gave you, but the way this plot was designed and developed was stikingly amazing. I can’t explain it so I’m not going to bother trying. All I can say is they accomplished something great here.

Warning, SPOILERS ahead:

Why is is only almost a masterpiece?

  • The ending did nothing but send me into a flurry of confusion.  regarding Aaeru and Neviril, what the fuck? What happened to them? Seriously, they showed them dancing on the ship, when it was a wreck. Am I to assume that they are living there, alone, with no food or water? That’s kind of sad. The end really killed it.
  • They killed off Mamina, my favorite character. I should have known right when I thought she ruled that they were bound to kill her.

However, despite the crappy ending and loss of a great character, I still give it a


It could have been 5^^ if it just wrapped the ending up better. I don’t like making my own assumptions of how things end. I like being told what happened.