Sengoku Basura/Shangri-La -Initial Thoughts

Boy. I really really really really know how to pick em’. I haven;t found a single show yet that doesn’t look great.

The first of these bangout, which I actually watched second, is

Sengoku Basara

This is the show I’ve been waiting for, and didn’t even know it. Oballer (link on blogroll) beat me to it, because he saw the episode first, but he was right when he said that this show is Samurai Warriors wrapped up in an anime, which means that it is basically taken right out of the book of Japanese History of the Sengoku period (which I know like the back of my hand thanks to Samurai Warriors and a shit load of reseach, that I did FOR FUCKING FUN BITCH). If this follows history, I know everything down to the characters personalities, fuck, I even know the battles, which so far, from what I can tell, are pretty precise. I love this shit. I have been playing own every Samurai Warriors game there is, and they rule. Of course, this anime is based off of a completely different game, but that game sucks (never actually played it), so I’m going to pretend it’s based off of Samurai Warriors. Speaking of Samurai Warriors, I am FUCKING PISSED that they are only releasing the third installment for Wii. I just bought a fuckin xbox, I’m not gonna go buy a Wii now too. Why. Why couldn’t you take some other game (besides Mirror’s Edge). It had to be the one game I’ve been waiting for huh? I never, EVER thought I’d say this, but FUCK YOU NINTENDO. Oh and the show looks great. I give a a 5^^ already….like…..that’s it’s FINAL GRADE. Just because of the characters.

Escpecially Yukimura and Shingen Takeda (Oyakata in the anime). They are a great and funny duo. Shingen and Kenshin battled each other 5 times, but in the anime, they made Kenshin look like a little bitch, and he’s voiced by a girl too. That aggrivates me, because Kenshin is bad-ass.

I hope Keiji Maeda is in this. That would be sick.

Awesome show so far…..speaking of awesome:


The anime. It looks really, really good. All I can say it that it reminds me of Ergo Proxy mixed with Princess Mononoke. It has a feel of: “Wow, they really tried.” Not to mention:

Hello, another show that features someone with two different colored eyes. Absolute Bang-out.

This, plus boomerang-girl and cross-dressing-man set this show up for a bang-shaft-slam-fest of awesome.

EDIT: My hair is fucking long. It’s literally down to my shoulders. I need to get a picture of it before in case I ever I cut it.


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