Pandora Hearts – Toss Up

Good or bad? I can’t tell, all I can say is that it kind of reminds me of D. Gray Man, which isn’t a good sign. This one is gonna be a wait and see show, but I think I already have the whole solution.

Psyco bitch and Gil.

In this first episode, Gil finds a watch, and suddenly finds himself in a room with a girl. The girl suddenly tries to kill him. This girl needs a hug. I can already tell that Gil is somehow gonna end up with said sadistic girl, who has several deep routed problems and could use some counseling.

I’ll watch this show, but until I get a few episodes deeper, and the plot is revealed, I don’t know what to expect. How did you like my very “in depth” analysis of the first episode? I really put a lot of time into writing this post…..


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