I Guess I Have to Pick Up Basquash!

Everyone keeps saying that it looks sick. Thus, I have watched the first episode. Here is my tale:


Gee wilikers.

The first thing I thought of when watching the inaugural episode of Basquash was:

“Holy God damn shit, this has got to be some of the best animation that I have ever laid my poor, tired eyes upon!!!!”

After I thought this silently to myself, I let out a tear of joy, as I could easily watch this show all day, regardless of the quality that the plot gives off, and, needless to say, a plot that basically boasts: “Big robots playing basketball” doesn’t exactly ensnare my mind with thoughts of giddiness. Nevertheless, I found, as I usually find with anime, that the written plot (that you read) is never, ever as good as the actual plot. The same is true with Basquash….so far……..anyway, you can expect me to love this show, for the artistic awesome that is aggressively abundant in this awesome anime:

Fixing a broken TV has never looked so good.

If the moon actually looked like this, I'm pretty sure there would be no war.

More stunning animation.


The end, where Dan appears in the robot……oh excuse me…..Big Foot, and dribbles everyone, he makes like, a thousand fouls and even dribbles out of bounds, only to get the FUCKING SHIT BLOCKED OUT OF HIM ON A DUNK! Try playing by rules next time, jackass!


3 thoughts on “I Guess I Have to Pick Up Basquash!

  1. Sorry I had to comment on this again because giant robot basketball HOLY SHIT

    How was that not my comment the first time? Was I on DRUGS? (Yes, and I still am. It is a difficult life…)

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