Random Pick Up Case Number 21

Of course you know (or don’t know), I sometimes enjoy to randomly pick up an anime for no apparent reason, without reading up on it, or having any general knowledge pertaining to the show whatsoever. Right now, when I am currently watching about 30 shows consecutively, I really can’t pick up anything new until I finish some stuff. That being said, today I picked up:

Welcome to the NHK

I’m probably going to put every other show I’m watching on hold until I finish this show, Minami-ke (first season), Jigoku Shoujo (second season), and Ranma 1/2…………errr……………..no that show sucks and I will never finish it…………..D. Gray Man……no………………no that show is shit as well…………….Ride Back? That will work. I won’t watch any episodes of anything until I finish Minami-Ke, Jigoku Shoujo, and Ride Back (which I have yet to start). On to NHK.

It’s got an awesome OP and it’s about a NEET, who is afraid to leave his apartment, due to another fear of conspiracies, specifically the NHK. But I won’t tell you what that means because I’m a mean asshole. Enter random girl number 7903. She actually interacts with him, and says she can cure his hikikomori traits.

This anime has very good animation (in my opinion, which seems to differ a lot from most people’s opinions. I will think something has great  animation, only to find that everyone else dubs it “poor”. Who knows…). Oh wait. I meant good animation and great music. It has really good music.

This could take me anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks to finish, but it looks like it will interest me a lot (paranoid people = great in anime). Hopefully this gets me back into actually wanting to watch anime (I haven’t really watched any anime lately, that overload of new shows got me spent). I’m getting sick of anime. I am a very streaky anime watcher. I’ll finish 7 shows in a week and not watch any the next. 

Mission: Ongoing

Wow this post sucked.