Formulas of Man – 6th Law

Anime rules. I love the shit. I really do. But, as is the case with anything that usually makes you happy, Anime has several harmful side effects, such as lack of female responsiveness. Another one of these side effects can be seen in the following formula, which was devised thanks in part (most) to the brain mass of one Robert Palko.

Without anymore bullshit:

(Man + M/t(d) + PA)/(AW/t(d)) = TV

I hope I made that as confusing as possible (this was literally my intention). Here, let me explain it:

Basically you take Man (you) add the amount of Meat they consume per day and the amount of Physical Activity (preferably weight lifting, although you can include my workout, (hurling boulders at elderly pedestrians) as well). You then divide the outcome by the amount of Anime Watched per day, and this gives you your Testicular Volume.

Here is again in pictures as usual:





Of course, this shouldn’t discourage anyone from watching anime, I mean, I still plan on watching a good 2-3 hours worth tonight, after I hurl some boulders at hobos (all the elderly moved from the town suddenly), and eat 3 pounds of raw ground beef.

Another way to prevent ball shrinkage is by getting on the Chatmonchy bandwagon, which I am riding alone, and is pulled, not by horses, but by several naked models with huge ass tits.


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