Asura Cryin’ Episode 2

I would first like to point out that I am very tired as I start to write this…..keep that in mind…

Folks we have on our hands a real banger. Asura Cryin’ is what I like to call, “A complete, bangout.”  While the second installment in this series wasn’t as loaded up as the previous, it did not disappoint. I could just write a summary of the episode, and give you my thoughts……but that’s what everyone does, so instead, I’m going to take one point from the episode, and that will be the focal point of this post. And that focal point, is Takatsuki:

In a word: Awesome.

Takatsuki is slowly becoming one of my favorite characters. For the most part, she is quiet, shy, and doesn’t talk much. For example: Natsume goes to meet the owner of the house that he is renting, this guy:

Spirals? Be quiet you hippie.

Wow, he loves spirals almost as much as this Shiho from Mai Otome…

Awesome show, Mai Otome.

Anyway, while here, he meets up with Takatsuki, who happens to be living on the Spiral-owner’s huge estate. It is here that Natsume discovers that she was in fact the girl that attacked him during the first episode, after he sees her miko get-up. He inquires about a few things, and learns that she is in fact a devil (this anime truly has it all).  She explains that a projected spirit (Misao) is (quote)

“It’s kind of like a living spirit…that it’s sealed by Asura Machina (big robot thing at the end of the first episode) as a [human] sacrifice.”

But this still doesn’t explain why Takatsuki is so great. The next day at school, Natsume is called to the office where he meets the guy dressed in white from the battle in his house (first episode). He reveals himself to be the student council president (they might have said this in the first episode, but there was a lot to take in so…). His name? Reishirou Saeki. In a sense, he asks Natsume to join him, and when Natsume refuses, he whips out a nine and starts busting caps in phones:

Sucka Free Sunday! Brrrrat! Brrrat! Brrrrrat!

Needless to say, here comes Takatsuki, putting on her game face (seen in first photo) and doing some nasty shit:

Nice grab.

Yes…..she caught the bullet, and then melted it, no problem. You know what, here’s a full list of why Takatsuki is awesome:

  • Split personality, sometimes she’s shy, but when she uses her “mimesis”, she gets nasty at fighting and almost ruthless.
  • Heterochromia…..looks……sick (different colored eyes).
  • She is apparently a demon.
  • As a normal girl, she can’t dodge bullets, but when she’s ready, she doesn’t have to (cause she catches them and melts them in her hand).
  • Dresses as a miko, which, according to the recent Hayate episode, all Japanese men love (I am not Japanese in the least, but miko rule).

I should mention that there is a medium sized BAM at the end of this episode, after which it is appropriate to say, “Well, add another thing to the contents of this show.” Now this show covers:

  1. Romance
  2. Harem
  3. Demons
  4. Supernatural
  5. Mecha
  6. Action
  7. Comedy
  8. Hippies that love spirals
  9. Fan Service
  10. Time travel
  11. School
  12. Heterochromia
  13. A Truly Awesome Ending Song

Did I miss anything? I’m probably did, but let me know anyway.


6 thoughts on “Asura Cryin’ Episode 2

  1. Yes she sure is very interesting. However, I rather liked Misao at this point more. She doesn’t seem to be embarrass teasing Natsume about anything including him looking at Takatsuki’s chest and she even comments on that so that’s awesome for me. Otherwise, right now, Misao and Takatsuki are both interesting as well as the show in general.

  2. Yeah, exactly! She’s teasing him without reserve. She’s pretty awesome for that. Loved how Natsume responds without thinking and that’s probably because she tease him all the time so it kind of became natural for him.

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  4. “Folks we have on our hands a real banger. Asura Cryin’ is what I like to call, “A complete, bangout.”


    “(I am not Japanese in the least,”

    “Did I miss anything?”

    “I’m probably did”

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