K-ON! Episode 2

Yea I know I never said I was going to review this series literally 10 minutes ago, but this episode was so pointless and stupid that I couldn’t hold back (spoilers I guess…..they’re really):

First, they go with Yui to look for a guitar:

Yea....it's a guitar store, it's to be expected.

Then, since Yui can’t afford it, they all get jobs:

See? I wasn't lying.

Then they go back to by a different guitar, because Yui discovers that money doesn’t grow on trees, and decides that she can just buy a cheaper one:

In this troubling economy, you should have done that from the start.

No they're not talking about a cock, they're talking about how stubborn Yui is, and how she just has to have that expensive guitar.

Then Mugi bargains the price down from 250,000 yen to 50,000, because apparently her family owns the store.

"Are you serious? You could've gotten it cheap from the start? We had to get jobs! You're a shitty friend." -What any other character should have said.

……couldn’t she have just bargained in the first place? In a nutshell, this episode:

  1. Accomplished: Nothing…..well, I guess Yui did get a guitar.
  2. Served: No Purpose….well, I guess Yui did get a guitar.
  3. Was: A waste of 26 minutes…..minus the 5 seconds it actually took them to get a guitar.

However, it was almost worth it to get to the ending song, which is the best of the year.

EDIT: This is a misleading post.


6 thoughts on “K-ON! Episode 2

  1. If you’re going to look at stuff like “plot progress” and how much they get “done” for a measure on how good this show is, then your doing it all wrong haha. This type of slice of life show is meant to be enjoyed for the moments, it’s not about how much they leveled up or if some victories were won.
    I can see with your “accomplished” + “served” + “was” section that your watching this with the wrong mentality. Most fans watch this show for the cute girls, the fun antics, the moe, and the chemistry. All things that were shown in spades. If you’re expecting a plot driven show with lots of technical “advancement”, and you don’t like enjoying the show for the moments, then I recommend you drop this haha. It’s not likely that K-on will strive too far from the slice of life formula that it’s fans enjoy.

    • I enjoy a good slice of life as much as the next person, hell, Lucky Star is one of my favorite anime, however, the point that I was trying to make was that the episode itself was kind of weak. The fact that she suddenly owns the store at the end just seemed kind of cheap….like a cheap way to reach a conclusion. I still like this show though, and I’ll admit that the post was kind of misleading in that sense.

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