It was all about BOOBS. What could be better?

Show About Breasts > Show Not About Breasts

I mean, sure it’s animated, so it’s not actual boobs, which would be even better optimum, but still, its a show about boobs.

What was the plot of this OVA? I’m pretty sure I just told you, it was about boobs.


Even the OP was unique to serve the needs of the boob. It just showed every girl in the show walking, with close ups of their bouncing boobs (different sizes of course created different bounciness).

For every girl in the show.....close up of boobs, followed by close up of face.

Basically, Lala creates some crazy invention in order to provide Rito the boobs he desires, because it has come to her attention that all men love boobs (duh?). Of course, accidentally, it blows up in Rito’s face after he lands on it, turning him into a girl with huge knockers.

This of course causes problems, and also gives the creators of the show ample opportunities to showcase their boobs, which they do many times, in many different ways:

  • In the shower
  • Being rubbed
  • In the bath
  • Being poked
  • Under men’s clothing
  • Under women’s clothing
  • Being pressed
  • Being grabbed
  • Covered by steam
  • Expanding and shrinking (in Rito’s/Yami’s case)
  • Under a bra
  • Bouncing

I could go on forever, but really that would just waste time.

I know I’ve made my mark in saying that pointless fan service is “annoying” and “dumb”. But it’s To LOVE-Ru people! Fan service is to be expected! Especially in the OVA!

Even Yami is getting her "boob" on!

Thus, you need to look past the fan service, and look deeper at the meaning behind the fan service. I feel that this episode is quite important for many reasons. It displays not only the importance that boobs play in today’s society, but also brings to light the simple joy that a boob can create.

  • Have you ever had sex with a girl who lacked boobs? I have, and it’s not good not as good, You reach to her chest and are always met with disappointment.
  • When you first meet a girl, where is the first place your eyes go? Her face? If so, you might be gay (get yourself checked….I mean…..not that there’s anything wrong with that). Of course her chest is where your eyes fall first, I mean, it’s the most important part of her body besides the ass.

Yes people, boobs are truly created for a reason, and that reason is to men happy. I feel that all shows of all categories and genres should have at least one show dedicated to boobs, out of respect for the boob, if nothing else. Thank you, and goodnight.

What can I say that hasn't already been said?


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