Shangri-La Episode 2 – The Other Heterochromian

As you should know, heterochomians (I don’t know if that’s actually a word or not). Rule. especially in anime. Therefore, I will start this review by showing you exactly why they are so great. So far this anime season, I have noticed two heterochromians. Lady Mikuni would be the second:

Cool factor to the 5th.

Big fucking deal right? It’s a little girl with two eyes. Well I had previously given out my desposition on said character, saying that she would undoubtedly nasty, as all characters with two different colored eyes are (except Watanuki, that annoying little prick). So what happens, is one of her maid servants is pretty much kissing her ass in this scene, saying glory is sure to…..well you can read the subs in the picture. What follows is…..

Oh it sucks to be you.

She really, really doesn't.

Now you will be crushed and twisted into a mangled mess.

Wow. I will never lie to someone with two different colored eyes.

So yea, she can CRUSH PEOPLE WITH HER MIND. Don’t mess with her….on to the actual plot. Probably.

This episode starts off ok. To tell the truth I didn’t find it that exciting, interesting, good, likable, as much as I did provocative. It starts off with the military attacking the city and Metal Age. Boomerang girl saves a random ass kid on the street from getting killed, and the mother thanks her by shoving her and cursing her out. She was probably a feminist. Scene eventually moves to a scene involving Odd Dressed Bitch Lady, who has just slapped one of her butler looking servants for saying something that she didn’t like. She then chokes one of her servants Darth Vader style, except she doesn’t actually choke him, just kind of hold him up by the shirt. The kid still falls to the ground in a heap, because he’s a little bitch. Apparently Oddly Dressed Bitch Lady was pissed about the military coming in….speaking of coming.

The scene moves to Boomerang Girl, and Transvestite Man, who are planning, along with Metal Age, to go and figure out more about the enemies by spying on them. They leave after awhile

Wasn’t there going to be something about coming? I was excited in the pants!

Hold on pervert you’ll get your fix…


Stocks do the same to me too. Anyway, Sneaky Hacker Brat is at it again. Hacking shit with her Dratini and making bank. Neither is that interesting, just like this show, which I can’t wait to drop (I won’t drop a show before ep. 6). Maybe it will get good who knows. The rest of this episode is bullshit, Metal Age looks into it, and Fat Transvestite Guy goes to Atlas, which is the military or something. I really didn’t like this one. This show can get better with only two things:

  1. More Boomerang Girl
  2. More Heterochromia Girl


Edit: Mike, I don’t want to see a comment that explains the episode.You know what? I’ll beat you to it:

Oballer said:

[name] (2:17:23 AM): basically that jungle absorbs carbon
[name] (2:17:36 AM): but like they are trying to figure it out
[name] (2:17:56 AM): and atlas is the government which is drafting ppl
[name] (2:18:46 AM): and then they find the gov’t ppl there and are like “wtf why is the govt here” and find out that atlas oversees the jungle
[name] (2:19:29 AM): i think that altas is trying to destroy the jungle… but im not sure
[name] (2:19:37 AM): because the jungle has no carbon emissions

Thanks Oballer, you summed it up better than me, hopefully you weren’t planning on writing a review, because I just ruined your shit. BAM.

DOUBLE EDIT: I need to stop swearing.

Dear Feminists,


Wow things keep pissing me off lately. If you are talking, then I am going to pretend to be a cat. Here’s a small formula I made up, just for you:

F = W +P^10

In essence, a Feminist equals any women plus her period to the tenth power. Yea I know right? What a bitch!

Feminists feed on the misfortune of men. For the most part, feminists are made up of lesbians (the really dikey kind), stuck-up whores who have been so stretched out by the dick that they can no longer be satisfied, and are now bitter, and old virgin women who have been shot down by every man they approach. Just look at this pie chart that I totally found and didn’t make up in paint:


Can't argue with facts bitch!

Can't argue with facts bitch!

So now that we know who runs the show when it comes to feminists, and some of the reasons why they hate men, let me just say some words at them:


Why do you blame every problem on men? I interviewed a feminist, and here’s what she said:

Eye Sedso: What do you think of the war in Iraq?

Whore: Men are the cause.

Eye Sedso: Chernobyl?

Skank: Men were the root of the problem.

Eye Sedso: Why haven’t you ever had good sex ever?

Prostitue: Men are at fault.

Eye Sedso: Why do you have food to eat, houses to live in, and cars to drive?

Slut for Money: Because women do all the farming, do all of the construction, and run the planet.

Eye Sedso: What have feminists brought to the table in making the world a better place?

Wide Vagina’d Cock Tease: We bitch and moan about EVERYTHING. And it’s all the fault of MEN.

No one likes you feminists. No one but other feminists. I like women, and I agree they should have rights, etc, but you aren’t the center of the fucking universe. Get it through you thick skulls. You have no future on Earth, and if I ever see on the streets somewhere, I will fight you, because I don’t actually consider you humans. You don’t see any manists do you? That’s because men aren’t stupid. We have a world to run after all.

Still aren’t convinced that feminists suck? Here are some comparisons I found and didn’t make:

Rap > Feminists

Police > Feminists

School > Feminists

Candy > Feminists

Terrorism = Feminists

Dirty Cigarette Buts > Feminists

The feeling you get when your balls keep sticking to the  side of your thigh when the humidity is high > Feminists

Facebook > Feminists

Pinata Entrails > Feminists

(Feminist Hippies < Feminists) = I have just killed myself.

Join the barrel feminists. Join the mother fucking barrel.