Dear Feminists,


Wow things keep pissing me off lately. If you are talking, then I am going to pretend to be a cat. Here’s a small formula I made up, just for you:

F = W +P^10

In essence, a Feminist equals any women plus her period to the tenth power. Yea I know right? What a bitch!

Feminists feed on the misfortune of men. For the most part, feminists are made up of lesbians (the really dikey kind), stuck-up whores who have been so stretched out by the dick that they can no longer be satisfied, and are now bitter, and old virgin women who have been shot down by every man they approach. Just look at this pie chart that I totally found and didn’t make up in paint:


Can't argue with facts bitch!

Can't argue with facts bitch!

So now that we know who runs the show when it comes to feminists, and some of the reasons why they hate men, let me just say some words at them:


Why do you blame every problem on men? I interviewed a feminist, and here’s what she said:

Eye Sedso: What do you think of the war in Iraq?

Whore: Men are the cause.

Eye Sedso: Chernobyl?

Skank: Men were the root of the problem.

Eye Sedso: Why haven’t you ever had good sex ever?

Prostitue: Men are at fault.

Eye Sedso: Why do you have food to eat, houses to live in, and cars to drive?

Slut for Money: Because women do all the farming, do all of the construction, and run the planet.

Eye Sedso: What have feminists brought to the table in making the world a better place?

Wide Vagina’d Cock Tease: We bitch and moan about EVERYTHING. And it’s all the fault of MEN.

No one likes you feminists. No one but other feminists. I like women, and I agree they should have rights, etc, but you aren’t the center of the fucking universe. Get it through you thick skulls. You have no future on Earth, and if I ever see on the streets somewhere, I will fight you, because I don’t actually consider you humans. You don’t see any manists do you? That’s because men aren’t stupid. We have a world to run after all.

Still aren’t convinced that feminists suck? Here are some comparisons I found and didn’t make:

Rap > Feminists

Police > Feminists

School > Feminists

Candy > Feminists

Terrorism = Feminists

Dirty Cigarette Buts > Feminists

The feeling you get when your balls keep sticking to the  side of your thigh when the humidity is high > Feminists

Facebook > Feminists

Pinata Entrails > Feminists

(Feminist Hippies < Feminists) = I have just killed myself.

Join the barrel feminists. Join the mother fucking barrel.




14 thoughts on “Dear Feminists,

  1. Feminists need to realize that their fight is over. The only people still dwelling on inequality are those that don’t know what inequality is, ’cause guess what, honey, you’re not being persecuted anymore. ._.

  2. hey Hung ……. I bet your last name is high……… bout you read the fuckin link….. you think there is any animes named “dear feminists?” Your a fuckin idiot……….

    • @ Matthew Bigstaff – I know you have a big staff, but what Hung is talking about referrers to Anime-Nano, which is a site I am registered on, which is anime only. And someday, they’re probably will be an anime called Dear Feminists……well I wouldn’t doubt it anyway.

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  7. “The feeling you get when your balls keep sticking to the side of your thigh when the humidity is high” <- best shit I have even seen.

  8. “and if I ever see on the streets somewhere”
    I pray this day comes for you too

    “(Feminist Hippies < Feminists) = I have just killed myself."
    I already told you. All feminists are hippies. AND ALL HIPPIES ARE FEMINISTS!

    Just fyi there are also male feminists. just saying. just saying.

    but seriously, men are the cause of every problem

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