Sengoku Basara – Episode 2

Thank God, I was waiting for this episode. This show, in case you didn’t know, is great. But it’s missing something……

Kasuga = Fan Service ^12

Yup. Standard fan service. I’m not complaining, although her nipples would be showing given that her breast are barely covered. All good fighting show, I must admit, have some fan service, and it’s good to see that Sengoku Basara didn’t go overboard with it-

Kenshin touched her hand. She had an orgasm. My goal in life is now to become like Kenshin.

Kenshin touched her hand. She had an orgasm. My goal in life is now to become like Kenshin.

Well that was interesting and unexpected. I thought it was funny, and rather enjoyable. This show gets better and better. I love the fact that they’re making Kasuga into a fan service joke. She is the entire shows source of fan service (thus far) and they’re milking it for all it’s worth. Back to the episode plot.

Just as Masamune Date catches up to Imagawa, Yukimura shows up, resulting in a duel:

This show rules.

As they duke it out for Imagawa’s head, the scene cuts back to Shingen, who is now raping the walls of Odawara Castle with his trusty steeds:

Shingen kicks so much ass.

He meets up with Ujimasa Hojo, and rapes him too….or he was about to, until Fuma Kotarou, the legendary ninja, shows up and beheads his horses. I should point out that Fuma looks way cooler here than he does in Samurai Warriors.

Good luck finding this exact image in the episode. I fuckin did this shit. Two screen prints combined.....bitch!

My mastery in MS Paint knows no limits with that double screen print. Anyway, he may look pretty cool, and the way he fights is right up my ally (he’s fast). But he gets hit with one punch from Shingen, which sends him flying into the wall of the side of the castle…..on the top of the tower (Shingen sent him flying). Shingen then kills Hojo, no problem. The scene cuts back to the duel between Yukimura and Masamune, where Imagawa has gotten his body doubles out, so there are now three Imagawas. Masamune takes one, Yukimura follows the other, and Kojuro pursues the third one.

Kojuro almost gets raped by arrows, but out of the 7 million arrows that were fired, none hit him, because he’s nasty. Then a kid shows up, and kills the double. I can only assume that this child is Ranmaru Mori, because in real life, he was only 17 (when he eventually committed sepukko after Oda Nobunaga was betrayed by his retainer, Mitsuhide Akechi). Either way, one impostor down.

Next up is Yukimura’s impostor. He is following the cart when suddenly it blows up, and the imposter is shot (with a gun) by who I assume is Noh, Nobunaga’s wife. Either way, two impostors down.

Last one. The real one, who Masamune is following. However, on top of the cart is someone who I can only assume is Mitsuhide, since I am out of people, and I doubt it’s Hideyoshi. He sprays smoke at Masamune, who’s horse stumbles (his horse has mufflers by the way…awesome) and falls. Eventually, Masamune, Kojuro, Yukimura and Sasuke (the Naruto looking ninja character who previously met up with Yukimura) end up in a quarry, where, who I can only assume are Ranmaru, No, and Mitsuhide (they never actually say) are gathered with Oda Nobunaga. Nobunaga shoots Imagawa, and the episode ends.

I would like to point out, that this show kicks ass. I love how they change some of history to make it interesting, but keep a lot of it the same. Like in real life, when Nobunaga killed Imagawa, it was a surprise attack in the rain. The Oda were heavily outnumbered, so they just surprised Imagawa and cut off his head. In this episode, it was a bit different, but it was still raining, and Nobunaga still kiled him. This show kicks ass.

4 thoughts on “Sengoku Basara – Episode 2

  1. I know you don’t know me since this is my first reply to you (followed from Kurogane’s blog here) and I think I can point out what you wrote wrong a little.

    The kid that showed up and killed the FAT Imagawa I assume it’s Hideyoshi. I’m not saying what you said is wrong but his action doesn’t fit Ranmaru (even though is body did).

    Second is the woman you assumed as Noh. In the History there’s one of Nobunaga’s Wife (yes, he had a lot) named Kicho who Nobunaga called her a butterfly. That should conclude the butterfly tatoo we saw before the KABOOM.

    I Think you got the Third one right since I also can’t assume it’s anyone else except Mitsuhide.

    I agreed this show is AWESOME with MALINESS and ACTION! Sorry, since you don’t know me you don’t need to reply and can just delete it. I just want to tell you since I’m a history maniac.

    • There’s a few things wrong with your post:

      A) Why are you sorry? You fucking rule.
      B) Why would I delete this? You fucking rule.

      It’s apparent that you know more than me, and I am very glad that someone pointed out my mistakes, that’s the only real way that you learn. I still think that the id is Ranmaru, but you are probably right about the lady….also, do you know who that ninja girl who loves Kenshin is?

      They should this/a whole show about Kenshin vs Shingen. I think that their battles create one of the greatest stories in history.

  2. “right up my ally ” mcbeal

    Sure is a lot of raping going on in this show. I guess those yaoi fangirls weren’t so far off after all 😉

    “This show kicks ass.”
    Also I heard it was gay.

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