Minami-ke – Finally Done

There’s a lot of shows that have been hanging around on my list, that I picked up a while ago. Minami-ke is no objection. Finally I’m done. And basically, it’s an action/thriller anime about girls that like to run:

They are running from explosions and thrilling aspects.

In case you have never seen Minami-ke, everything I just said is complete bullshit. The show is actually a slice of life show, with slices of lives from the three Minami sisters. There’s really not much to say in terms of plot, so I’ll explain the three main characters, and you can decide on your own if you like it:


Haruka is the oldest sister, and acts almost like a mother to her two younger sisters. She is very kind, cooks, cleans, etc, and kind of reminds me of a less lame Belldandy, who I think is one of the lamest characters in the history of characters being lame.


Minami Kana

She’s the eccentric one. She’s pretty much an idiot, and Chiaki lets her know this more than once. She can’t cook for shit, and most problems are caused by her crazy antics.


Minami Chiaki

She is, for the most part, always serious. She is the youngest of the three, and loves (or is obliged) to call Kana an idiot at least 12 times an episode. She talks/looks/seems very dull, and she is smart, and pretty much looks down on everyone except her sister Haruka, who I believe she has an incestuous, lesbian crush on.

These three characters all live alone together (there’s an oxymoron) in a small apartment, and go to separate-schools (based on grade level). There you go. That’s about everything. Oh I almost forgot, it has awesome close ups:


At first, I thought it was kind of dumb/slow/boring, as I do with all slice of life shows, but also as usual, once you get to know the characters, it becomes hard not to like the show. I thought the humor could have maybe been a little more/better, but it was good enough for me to watch the next season….in fact, it picked up toward the end of the season, when they discover three brothers who area also named Minami and are pretty much mirror images of the girls (sometimes once), except that they’re guys, and have one sibling more (a girl who looks/acts like a guy). Wait! Stop! Omit the previous! The funniest parts of the show are when they watch tv, specifically, “Sensei & Ninomiya-kun”:

If this was a real show, I'd watch it.

They just go back and forth to each other, saying each other’s names:

Ninomiya-kun: Sensei!

Sensei: Ninomiya-kun!

Ninomiya-kun: Sensei!

Sensei: Ninomiya-kun!

Then they get hit by a car, with dramatic violin music playing throughout.

Overall, I would give it Minami-ke a:


Doesn’t Hayame remind you of Mitsune from Love Hina? They’re both sluts who love to get bombed. Not to mention neither one seems to open their eyes.

Separated at birth?

Hayame made the last episode good though. I love when characters get drunk in anime, it always makes things better.

6 thoughts on “Minami-ke – Finally Done

  1. @Oballer – FUCK YOU ASSHOLE I GIVE THE GRADES YOU SHOULD GIVE RESPECT……seriously though, this spring season I can already see some 3’s forming, also, don’t forget I technically grade out of 8, so a 5 pretty much means “solid” while a 5* shows….you know what just read my ratings descriptions ass hole.

    @ Kairu Ishimaru – You’ll have to hit me with a car to do that.

  2. @ Oballer – This is the system I have always used since I first started anime. We all have our own ways.

    5^^ – Top Ten Possible
    5* – Really Fucking Good
    5 – Solidly Good
    4 – Not bad, could be better
    3 – Not enjoyable
    2 – Fucking sucked ass
    1 – I physically harmed myself after viewing

    It makes sense to me. I refuse to change. Maybe from now on I’ll add something like: X/8 or something. Jeez…

  3. Wow, an explanation of your CRAZY BULLSHIT RATING SYSTEM, that may or may not be elsewhere, but fuck you I’m not looking, that’s my ninja way!

    “Minami-ke is no objection.”
    I object.

    How can you not mention that horrible hair that one bitch has? I hate it. I hate that thing so much. What the fuck is that. Get it off. GET IT OFF!!!

    “I love when characters get drunk in anime, it always makes things better.”
    I disagree.

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