School Days – Umm, Holy Shit?

School Days was such a beautiful romance tale. It would warm the hearts of anyone.


What is the premise of this slice of life romance? Basically, it’s just romance! Isn’t that beautiful?

Premise: Makoto Itou is a student who goes to high school. Blood type: O. Job: Man Whore (not really but it might as well be). He has been noticing this girl on his train rides to school, named Kotonoha Katsura. In class, he is placed next to a girl named Sekai Saionji. There is the basic set up. Now Sekai pretty much forces her way into attempting to help Makoto become a couple with this girl, Kotonoha.

Pretty much, that’s how it starts out, but I should mention that the last episode might kick you in the face with a cleated foot. I wish I could say how, but if you really want to know, continue to the actually review, where SPOILERS are present. You’ll lose your head when you see the ending:





Let me start off by revealing the entire stories of the characters:

Makoto: He starts off as a moron with girls. He has no clue what to do with any of them. By the end, however, he has successfully fucked pretty much every girl in the school, meanwhile cheating on whatever girl is kidding themselves into thinking that they’re dating him. Of course, this catches up with him, as he apparently gets Sekai knocked up, and she eventually stabs him to death. However, this doesn’t stop Kotonoha from cutting his head from his dead corpse, and going on a date with it (after slicing Sekai open of course. How else can you tell if a girl is pregnant?). His dying words?

“Thank goodness.”

Sekai: She uses Kotonoha as a reason to get close to Makoto, who she, and apparently every other girl in the school, is secretly in love with. Eventually, she becomes his girlfriend, although Kotonoha never actually believes she is dumped, and eventually goes temporarily insane. She eventually reveals to the ever lecherous Makoto that she is pregnant:

As a matter of fact.......IT ISN'T!

As a matter of fact.......IT ISN'T!

Eventually, seeing Makoto make out with Kotonoha in front of her puts her over the edge, and she decides to kill him with a knife. Nice touch. However the jokes on her as Kotonoha gets her revenge and slices her to shreds. And speak of the devil….

Kotonoha: Makoto’s first love. Eventually he gets annoyed with her because she won’t put out, and he decides that Sekai is better because she will. However, the introduction to sex proved to be too much to handle for Makoto. Anyway, she refuses to believe that she’s been tossed aside, even when she sees Makoto and Sekai banging on the school roof. Eventually she starts talking with Makoto on the phone…….when the phone is off…..basically she loses her fucking mind:

Hey Mokoto.....yea sure.....yea I'll be waiting here.....oh wait this phone is off and I'm talking to myself.

Hey Mokoto.....yea sure.....yea I'll be waiting here.....oh wait this phone is off and I'm talking to myself.

However, Makoto, who she was waiting for in the snow, actually randomly shows up, and tells her immediately that he loves her, which brings her back to reality…..kind of…..anyway, she discovers that he has been stabbed repeatedly with a knife, and before decapitating him and his head neatly in a bag, she goes off and slaughters Sekai. I wish she killed those four girls who kept treating her like shit…..Revenge is a dish best served cold – Citation from Kill Bill.

What did I think of it? It was really good. A bangout. The fact that everyone went crazy, and that everyone’s blood was apparently black (seriously? Does making their blood black really make a difference?) reminded me almost of Higurashi (best show ever), except that it wasn’t nearly as bloody. Like the scene in Higurashi where her fingernails were getting pulled off? Yikes. But yea. This show packed a LOT OF SHIT and I finished it in pretty much one day (it was only 12 episodes, but still..), leads me to give it a solid

FINAL GRADE – 5* (7/8)

I never remember my school days being this violent/dramatic…