K-ON! Superpost

Yea…..everyone seems to be writing posts about K-ON! lately, so I figured I’d just make a post with “K-ON!” in the title, and everyone would be obsessed with it. I’ll admit, this series rules. But if you came to this link expecting “K-ON!” reviews or something then I’m sorry but you might b-


I can’t resist. Also, I would have put fireworks next to the bold lettered words above this sentence, but that’s takes effort, which I don’t have. Effort, coincidentally, is the topic of this episode review:

I Taught Yui How to Study

I must have, because I felt like I was watching a female version of myself study, ie, not study, and instead become side tracked with other things.

I have taught you well.

Answer at the bottom.

I honestly can’t remember the last time I studied for something (art history test this Thursday), because I’ll start, and then do something else almost right away. The same goes for everything. That, coupled with the fact that I procrastinate heavier than anyone on the planet (I take pride in this fact), should equal very low grades……but…….well…….it doesn’t. I’m baffled, but I usually manage to get a good grade right before the semester ends to boost me up to a B or A. I fucking rule. On to the show, and this whole post is going to be about Yui, so if you hate her with passion, leave because you are making fun of my female self in for of anime but only referring to study habits and a few other things (he said in a descriptive tone).

First of all. Yui is quite……..well………she’s really really really fucking



2. Two. II. Wow……that’s horrible. Even I could never manage that. But let’s see why Yui is so bad at school:

Exhibit A:



As usual, Yui starts off with a sense of determination. “Let’s do this!” she exclaims loudly. But then, not more then 2 seconds after making this wild, insane, and completely impossible to keep promise, she falls into:

Exhibit B:

The catalyst

The Catalyst.

Yes the catalyst. It can be anything from a thought, a picture, or in this case, a messy room. I myself will usually get about a sentence into some mandatory reading, when I suddenly decide I am either hungry, want to check my fantasy sports team, want to watch tv, or want to watch some anime (usually the latter). After you meet the catalyst, you immediately fall prey to:

Exhibit C:

The sting.

The sting.

The sting. The final act in a con. It’s where the victim gets tricked. The same is true with studying. Once you get side-tracked with ANYTHING, it inevitably leads back to whatever you wanted to do most, in Yui’s case, play the guitar.

Basically, this is a story of me whenever I study…but I’ve never gotten a 2 on anything, I do good for the most part. However, even worse than this first try in studying is….

The Second Attempt

During the second attempt, the person is usually more motivated, angry at their failure the night before, so they usually study a lot better…..right? This is true, but barely:

At least she learned something.

At least she learned something.

This is all she learns, which is still more than the night prior. But eventually, due to the clean room, she can clearly see objects like:

Guitar = catalyst

Which culminates to:

The Sting

Pretty much, whenever she says this:



You end up with:

The Sting

The Sting

By now you should be thinking: “How many screen-shots is this kid gonna add? Is this shit pile of a post ever going to end?”

Well, truthfully I could write a book on this episode, but I won’t because who wants to hear that (I think it’s interesting). In the end, she Yui ignores my teachings and gets her friends to force her to study with threats of rape help her study, resulting in the following ridiculousness (which I must admit I loved seeing):

Wow she failed again?


Fun Facts:

  • K-ON! Rules.
  • 12 Screen-shots were used in this post (new record for me).
  • MS Paint sucks.
  • If you ask your doctor for Adderall, because you can’t concentrate/study…they will FUCKING DENY YOU.

Answer to Question: I actually watched it as a torrent, but for some reason print screen doesn’t capture the animation from Windows Media Player, so I got the screen shots from the veoh player. Therefore, the correct answer is: Windows Media Player

8 thoughts on “K-ON! Superpost

  1. @ Kairu Ishiimaru – I WATCHED it on windows media player but I TOOK SCREEN SHOTS on a veoh player (because I can’t get screen shot any other way apparently).

    It was my extremely poor attempt at a trick question. It will probably be my last.

  2. Immunity to moe~? Meh, k.

    Damn, this episode tingles the procrastinating side of me, and I haven’t even watched it yet (fck yeah, exams)! Yui should just quit school and be… YUI.

  3. @ Dane – If Yui quit school and was simply just Yui, she would become very wealthy, seeing that everyone loves, her, and she is awesome.

    All of the characters in this show rule. (and they’re all so moe!) Oh damn, I’m immune to that.

    I’m also immune to AID’s, Cancer, and Planes crashing into my skull at 500 m/p/h.

  4. “I’ll admit, this series rules.”

    “That, coupled with the fact that I procrastinate heavier than anyone on the planet (I take pride in this fact), should equal very low grades……but…….well…….it doesn’t.”

    “K-ON! Rules.”

    ” I actually watched it as a torrent,”

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