Queen’s Blade 3 – Fashion

That’s right folks, Queen’s Blade this week took a dive into the world of fashion this week with some serious styles that will make any model say, “I want that on the runway!”

The episode started off with Tomoe and her lesbian friend trying on some new clothes:

No way that this is revealing enough.

Much more "show appropriate"

What did Shizura think of this one?

She seems happy.

She seemed to be satisfied with it. But it came off in like 5 seconds anyway.

Next up were Reina and Risty, who decided to go to Linens and Things, which was still around in their world, and shop for some linens, and some things:

Risty's ass got a lot of screen time in this one.

Of course, this linen wouldn’t do, it covers up way to much, and the object is to be as close to naked as possible. Right? Anyway, as the two are sitting and eating, some snake lady steals their money, and makes a statement of her own:

Snake underwear, interesting indeed.

Who needs underwear when you have a snake? Saves money, won’t stain, cold blooded.

Afterward, Reina enters in a contest to get money, where more fashion changes happen:

Fashion, hillbilly style.

Of course, with all of these changes in clothes, there’s bound to be some wardrobe malfunctions, and such is true when Reina fights snake lady, and the snake bites her in the boob. Her boob  doesn’t explode though and snake lady lets her go. In the end, the only things that changed were that Risty, who snake lady paid off to leave, is no longer with Reina, as they have now parted ways. What a fashionable episode!


4 thoughts on “Queen’s Blade 3 – Fashion

  1. Ah… but you didn’t show Reina’s second outfit.

    Looks like last week may have been an anomaly. Back to the outrageousness we go.

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