Serial Experiments: Lain

I can tell you clearly that this anime has made me realize one thing:

Anime from the 90’s is fucking awesome.

I love everything about it, I wish it didn’t take me so long to realize it. The animation was awesome. The plots were stellar (there’s some 90’s slang for ya). Everything was awesome. I guarantee that when I finish this show, I’m going to go on a binge of 90’s shows, so if you have any good ones, feel free to leave a comment.

On to the series.

Serial Experiments: Lain

Her name is Lain.

Sadly, I was beaten out to write a review on this show by some jackass, a person who I told to watch this series, therefore I’m going to make this short and sweet, and try not to copy too much.

This series, after one episode, seems to be about a young girl named Lain, who is in junior high. A classmate of hers killed herself, but is still emailing people in the class, who think it is a sick joke or a prank. Lain, well…..she’s……hmm….even I, with all of my literary prowess, can’t begin to properly explain the awesome which is this show so far. It reminds me heavily of Akira, which is one of the greatest anime films ever made.

This series is heavily psychological, which is something that I haven’t really seen much of, but love like the dickens (lol). I can’t get enough of this stuff (I didn’t say shit! Woo-hoo!). I can’t find one thing I don’t like about this show thus far. And I’m positive that I’ll finish it by tomorrow and write a review, so I’m just going to say:

  • 90’s anime rocks
  • Psychological anime rolls
  • Lain looks like a character that rock and rolls, and then goes straight to my Top Ten Anime Characters, which appears to need several revisions (hint, Ichigo has had his bags packed for ages), and may need a revamping soon.

Oh by the way, here’s something I thought was funny. They use these computers called “Navi’s”, and all I could think of was:

Get it? Navi =Navi?'s time for bad.

EDIT: The OP rules.

DOUBLE EDIT: Sometimes an anime fucks with my brain, and I can’t exactly think clearly/function correctly for a few days after watching it. I become socially withdrawn, paranoid, edgy, and pretty much lose my mind (only for a few days though so no biggy, at least that was the case with Neon Genesis Evangelion, which isn’t even that bad psychologically).

After watching the second episode of Lain, I’m almost afraid to continue because it’s already making me feel weird, especially the scene where that random dude takes that drug thing. I actually started losing it. Although that might be because it is now 3 in the morning and I am tired.

Has anime ever fucked with your mind? I have a feeling I’m probably alone on this one.

Just a little fun fact for you.


6 thoughts on “Serial Experiments: Lain

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  2. I’ve marathoned it twice and yes… it twists and distors the way I function for a few days aswell.. I’ve found however that having your brain flushed of all its clutter is life changing. You really get to figure out what makes you tick.

    “If you are not remembered you never existed” struck a chord with me. not because of its literal wording “oh I don’t exist cuz noone remembers me”. If you think about it we all have different experiences and perspectives on everything. No matter how hard we try we’ll never have the exact same experience. So when you die you’ll have had an entire lifetime of experiences no-one ever had or ever will have ever again. I dunno… that always keeps me going no matter what happens because I will always be me no matter what goes on.

    Through what Lain did to me I’m now designing a videogame thats supposed to be an overwhelming psycological mind-fuck. Hopefully it’ll turn out to really get people thinking about what makes them who they are.

    With a blank mind you really know where your priorities are based on the first things you put back into it. Do you like it? What would you rather have there?

  3. lain is a big mind fuck. you have to watch severral times to get it. (provided you survive the mental shock). also, he whole “If you are not remembered you never existed” (comment above) is also present in Monster, as the dude is triying to kill all people that ever saw him, you know to erase his existence.

  4. “Anime from the 90’s is fucking awesome.”

    “so if you have any good ones, feel free to leave a comment.”

    “(there’s some 90’s slang for ya)”
    Was that 90’s slang? Sounds like a lie.

    “but love like the dickens (lol). ”

    “(hint, Ichigo has had his bags packed for ages),”
    I read this as Ichigo packs his bags, or something, and took it as some sort of gay sex euphemism, meaning that he was a gay man participating in gay sex acts and you disliked him for his gayness. Not actual gayness but REAL gayness, which is the gay by which all people are judged, yet people confuse it with actual gayness and get offended


    “EDIT: The OP rules.”

    “Has anime ever fucked with your mind? I have a feeling I’m probably alone on this one.”
    I think this is really common, friend.

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