Sengoku Basara 3 -ENTER KEIJI MAEDA

THE MAN, THE LEGEND, KEIJI MAEDA (or Maeda Keiji if you wanna get technical).

Yes old geezer! KEIJI!

Yes old geezer! KEIJI!

I love Keiji. He rules. He’s strong, and he’s awesome. I base this solely on history that I know, and Samurai Warriors (great reference right?).

Either way, I’m glad he’s finally made appearance. This episode, was, of course great. I can tell when an episode is great when it doesn’t take an hour to watch it. (it took me a long ass time to actually finish Shangri-la episode 3). Here’s some random ass screen shots:

You are SO HORNY.

He is actually talking to the girl, RIGHT after the previous picture took place.

That’s all for random screen shots. Basically, in this episode, Keiji goes around trying to get al of the generals to rise up and fight against Nobunaga. The main attraction of this episode is him meeting Masamune Date, who he obviously has to fight in this weeks, “Duel of the Day.”


Masamune Date vs Keiji Maeda

Masamune Date vs Keiji Maeda

Those are some sick expressions. Keiji loses, which would never happen in real life (baseless comment). But it did here so….whatever. The fight was a decent one. I like how histoically accurate they make the fights:

God damn it I love this show.

It’s great how every new episode reminds me why this show kicks ass. In a world of crappy anime, shows like Sengoku Basara give me hope.

5 thoughts on “Sengoku Basara 3 -ENTER KEIJI MAEDA

  1. did you know that sengoku basara is one of the top gay animes? It’s gay and full of gay fodder. I mean like yaoi hentais, not gay as in dumb. What I’m saying is that you are gay because you like a gay show (literally gay, likes dick sex and butts)

  2. Wow I’m the only commenter on this?? wow
    Better make it good then:


    Oh man the next post teaser is ABSOLUTELY KILLER, LO!!!!!!!!L

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