Serial Experiments: Lain

I won’t forget this series anytime soon. Included are no spoilers except one, which no one will ever realize is a spoiler unless you’ve seen this series.

Serial Experiments: Lain = The Matrix + Akira

Lain goes from shy girl to FUCKING AWESOME.

Lain goes from shy girl to FUCKING AWESOME.

I could attempt to try and tell you about this series. I could try and tell you that it’s about a girl named Lain, and a network system called the Wired that is similar to our Internet. I could desperately try to send you the point that this show deals with the definition of reality as well as the evolution of mankind and whether or not a physical body is actually needed. But honestly, there was so much shit crammed into this short 13 episode series, that I’m not even going to try. I should mention that they crammed this information in very very well.

I will, however, give you my thoughts, and recommend this show to you, the reader, but also warn you that this show is not for everyone. Serial Experiments: Lain is a very psychological show, and there is a LOT of technological talk, as well as philosophy, which I normally hate, but actually understood in this series. Let’s get to the goods, and since this anime was a bit old school, let’s bring back some old school games and do this thing Chutes and Ladders style:

The Ladders:

  • Kaori Shimizu does an awesome job as the seiyu for Lain. She had to play so many differeny versions of Lain: Shy Lain, Cold Lain, Edgy Lain, Cocky Lain. She was marvelous.
  • This series blindsided me with anticipation. Every episode gave you just enough information and plot development to want to continue on.
  • The animation? Well….it brought me back, and reminded me heavily of Akira (you know, that awesome movie that Leonardo DiCaprio is turning into a 2-part live action film? (from what I’ve heard anyway) I believe I’ve already given my views on that)……….(I mean, it’s not even going to be in Neo Tokyo, it’s going to be New New York, which happens to be owned by Japan somehow. How dumb is that?)
  • Lain. She’s such a good character, thanks in large part to the great seiyu job of Kaori Shimizu. I can’t even get into how awesome the character of Lain is. She rules. Awesome. Brilliant. Astounding. She’s pretty much God. I don’t even know why, but I’m really high on Lain.
  • Impeccable Design. Of everything. This show is all around great. every aspect of the design (the Navi systems, how the plot was portrayed) was awesome…..except…..

The Chutes:

  • The ending is something that I didn’t really like, and that’s going to hurt the final grade a little bit. I mean, it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t really satisfying. I would’ve liked it more if the series stopped in episode 12, but then Arisu started bugging out, and she was kind of forced into coming to the eventual conclusion that she did in fact reach. I must admit though, even though I didn’t necesarily like the ending, it was really the best one that they could have, because lain did what was needed.
  • I don’t have enough screen shots in this review, thus, it looks boring and bland, like an essay. I hate reading just type.

That’s about all of the thoughts I have, and I’m REALLY FUCKING TIRED right now, so I’m just going to finish up and say that I think this show deserves the gracious grade given of

FINAL GRADE = 5* (7/8)

What show should I pick up next? Lupin III Great Teacher Onizuka, or Maid Guy?

Touch Was Written By Me

It must have been. How else could the one thing that I live my life by be included in the second episode? Throughout my whole life, I have always said that any and every illness, injury, and physical malnormality (did I just coin that word? Spell check says I did), takes 3 days to heal. (Robert knows what I mean). Low and behold, in episode two, there it is, in black and yellow:

A very wise man.

Tatsuya, you are very wise. That’s all I have to say. I apologize if you thought that this post was going to have a point, I know all my shit has sucked a lot lately. It will get better.

Everything DROPPED

Wait…what? That’s right, I am dropping every anime that I am watching……for a few weeks anyway, or at least as long as it takes for me to finish the following shows:

  • Serial Experiments: Lain

Lain is a fucking awesome character She rules. The Navi's rule too.

  • Touch

Touch my [insert bady part here]

  • Ranma 1/2


Serial Experiments: Lain and Touch require my undivided attention. And I want to finish Ranma 1/2 because I’ve been “watching” it for fucking years, and want to get it done so I don’t have to see it anymore. Therefore don’t expect many reviews of episodes (unless I completely go back on this post).

And speaking of Ranma 1/2, Ranma……how can you not choose Ukyo like….right away? If I were Ranma, this series would be over by now…I mean, she’s the obvious choice, Akane can’t even cook. Ukyo is like a master chef. I guess I don’t completely dislike this show.