Reminiscing of Inuyasha

I was looking at OP’s to put in my Top OP post that will eventually be put up some day, and when I got to Inuyasha, I was found myself immediately brought back to the great times when I was watching said show, and reading said manga. To be honest, I was thinking about moving it down on my top ten, but after receiving such a huge wave of euphoria from just watching parts of the OP’s, I’m certain that It’s going to be number one for a really long ass fucking time.


Inuyasha is fucking great.

BACKGROUND: I started Inuyasha on a whim. Usually, I would watch Dragonball Z on cartoon network every day at 5, right after Reboot (another sick show). It was around this time when I discovered Adult Swim, and watched it for some show (I can’t remember which show). But Inuyasha always came on after the show I watched. I thought it looked fucking stupid. In my mind, I thought that Inuyasha was about Kagome (I thought her name was Inuyasha….I didn’t have any understanding of anime/Japanese Language at this time), who had a bow, and it reminded me of Sailor Moon. Then one night I watched it. Then I watched it again. And eventually, it grew on me. Then Youtube was created, and suddenly Inuyasha was available 24/7. Through YouTube, I also learned of other anime like Bleach and Naruto, and became the obsessed fuck I am today.

Inuyasha Rules Because:

The first reason I can think of is the characters, which is always the most important part of any anime, movie, tv show, or novel. In Inuyasha, we have a half demon who wields a power absorbing sword that gets progressively nastier, a schoolgirl who is actually a reincarnation of a priestess, an ass-grabbing monk with a cursed hand that, when unleashed, acts as a black hole, a demon killer whose brother is under Naraku’s control, and is technically dead, and an annoying little fox demon. Naraku, in case you’re wondering, is the bad demon, which takes too long to explain, because he’s so multi-facited. Also we have said priestess, who is dead, but remains animated by feeding off of souls of the dead. Every character is so unique, but more importantly, they all have huge background that contain mass amounts of depth.

The plot is also pretty good. The general plot to be honest is kind of generic. A crystal, known as the Shikon Jewel, broke into a gazillion tiny pieces, and now Inuyasha and said characters are trying to gather said pieces before Naraku does, because said jewel is very powerful. Sango’s (demon slayer) dead brother is actually kept alive by a shard. And the backgrounds of the character add a LOT to the plot (rhyme). It involves:

  • Demons
  • Feudal Japan
  • Revenge Theme (everyone has a reason to kill Naraku)

Inuyasha covers every genre ever. Romance, fantasy, horror (not really, I guess some people could see it as horror), adventure, comedy, magic, you name it. It doesn’t mecha. That’s fine because I generally don’t watch a lot of mecha.

The OP’s rule, as I discovered when I was listing to them. I used to listen to them all the time. (my computer crashed so I no longer have them).

Dude, serious, I fucking love this show. I wish that it went on forever (which kind of happened with the manga, which was fine with me). The end of the manga was great too. It was pretty corny, but it was great.

Best Part:

Band of Seven Arc

The Band of Seven

The Band of Seven had a dude with claws, and awesome leader, a huge dude, a gay dude that I thought was a girl until someone called him a “him”, a machine dude, a poison dude, and a guy with a bazooka.

Worst Part:

Fucking gay 100th Episode

Fuck you dude.

The 100th episode had everyone get trapped by a guy who isn’t strong at all, and they all discovered that they all need Inuyasha, and that he’s one to be counted on and all that bullshit.

Best Character:

Demon Inuyasha

I don’t even need to elaborate.

Worst Character:


Fucking do something productive.

Shippo serves no purpose at all. He’s not cute, not strong, and for the most part, just gets in the way. Fuck you Shippo.

This also led to some of the BEST PARODIES EVER:


To this day, I still quote the “See ya later Larry!” saying. In fact, for the most part, that’s I say goodbye. The other parodies are probably better than this one. The Preview to the 8th one is awesome.

I’d also like to point out that the ONLY ANIME RELATED item I ever bought was Inuyasha Feudal Combat. It was good only because I like Inuyasha.

Bottom Line: Inuyasha Rules. They should have continued the anime through the manga. I would watch the fillers and like them. Did I mention that the movies were fucking awesome? They were. And what the fuck. I wanna see the Black Tessaiga Special that was shown at the Rumic World convention thingy. WHERE IS THAT SHIT? PUT A DVD OUT OR SOMETHING!

Phantom is Awesome

There’s been a lot of people bashing this anime for some reason, and I don’t really know why. As far as I’m concerned, it’s an awesome show. Why? I’ve made a list:

  1. Assassins
  2. Guns
  3. A Training Episode








These masks are cool. If I ever had any intrest in cosplay, I would definately rock one of these. Actually, I’d rock one of these anytime, anywhere, for no particular reason. Here’s some other cool masks:

Can't really beat this awesome mask

Can't really beat this awesome mask

This mask is bad of the Opera....PHANTOM Requim for the Phantom. I sense some symbolism of masks.

This mask is bad of the Opera....PHANTOM: Requim for the Phantom. Hmm...symbolism?

These are some great masks...very famous.

These are some great masks...very famous.

I was going to include The Mask (Jim Carrey), but it’s green, and I only wanted to use black and white.

EDIT: The best mask is a samurai mask: