If Only Raditz Knew Bas Rutten

Yes, I am watching the edit of Dragonball Z, DBZ Kai. I am doing this because Dragonball Z is awesome. Period.

One thing I noticed while re-watching this re-distribution was that Raditz was not a very good fighter. I mean, if you take the strength factor out, he really doesn’t have much fighting skill.

If only he had searched out the help and fighting prowess of Bas Rutten. I mean honestly, he wouldn’t have even died. Take a look:

A simple move could be used here.

A simple move could be used here.

Well…..what could Raditz have done here? Well, if you’ve ever seen Bas Rutten, then you know exactly how this problem could have been solved:

Heel!.....Heel to the groin!

Heel to the groin!


Haha, what a fucking stupid title. Purposely stupid I might add. I was trying to get myself back into watching some shows after taking pretty much a whole week off, and I made the silly mistake of watching D.Gray-Man, episode number 42. Here is what I decided upon completion:

D.Gray-Man has been in trouble for some time with me. Honestly, it’s boring, shitty, and dumb. Instead of giving it a bailout and letting D.Gray-Man waste it on a fucking jet, I’m just going to say, “If you can’t cut it, get the fuck outta here.” Therefore, no more mister “oh I finish every show I watch blah blah blah.” D.Gray-Man? You’re gettin laid off, and it’s not due to the budget.


If D. Gray Man was live action and starred these guys, it might actually be watchable.

If D. Gray Man was live action and starred these guys, it might actually be watchable.

Premise? People killing demons. Can’t miss right? I used to think that was true. But D.Gray-Man misses the mark like Tyler Perry understands comedy. Basically the Millennium Earl (only cool character in the show besides the Noah clan.) makes deals with people who lost a dear friend to the icy grip of death. “I’ll bring you pal back,” he says. They agree and turn said person into a demon, which promptly kills said person and assumes their identity. The job of Allen and the other Exorcists (seen above in Live Action view), is to kill them and stop the Earl.

Basically, the plot is generic, the fighting is boring and repetitive, and the characters sucks tremendous dick. Wait, if they actually sucked some dick, it might make them slightly interesting, and the show might be better. THE CHARACTERS WERE BORING AS FUCK. The only thing interesting about any of them was their “special” fighting ability. Fucking retarded. I had originally started watching this because I had heard that it starts slow and then picks up and actually gets nasty. After 42 episodes of shit, I don’t care anymore.

12 things that suck, but are still better than D. Gray Man:

  1. Custard Pie (not a fan)
  2. The Terms and Conditions of my Bank (I don’t have enough funds apparently, so fuck you TD Banknorth, I’ll take my busness elsewhere)
  4. Fucking a fat chick (unless you like that sort of thing which is fine)
  5. Getting spit on by a llama (gun or mammal)
  6. Having mediocre sex with a mediocre girl and later finding out it’s actually your cousin
  7. Any other type of unwanted sexual experience
  8. Watching Apocolypto twice in a row (is that spelling right? I don’t care that movie SUCKED)
  9. Tyler Perry’s House of Pain NO
  10. Finally beating a tough level in a game, only to have the game shut off unexpectedly during the save, causing all of your data to be lost
  11. Getting beat up by a midget dwarf little person.
  12. A gay porn named, “D. GAY Man”

D. Gray Man sucks. I liked it for a few episodes, but fuck, even in the beginning they made a very simple plot seem difficult to understand. Bottom line is that this show sucks because:

  1. The Characters are uninteresting and boring.
  2. The Plot was written by a coalition of 3 second graders and camel named Paul, all of whom suck at writing plots.
  3. The  Fighting was more boring than the characters. In fact, Here is every single fight scene:

Someone yells that there are demons....everyone is surprised, except me.

Someone yells that there are demons....everyone is surprised, except me.

The demons don't put up a fight as the heroes beat them using generic fighting moves like shooting, biting, kicking, or hitting them with a hammer.

The demons don't put up a fight as the heroes beat them using generic fighting moves like shooting, biting, kicking, or hitting them with a hammer.

Wow. Stupid. At least make the demons different. For every 200 demons that appear, there is usually only one who’s sole purpose isn’t to get blown up after 2 seconds by the same fuckin attack. Jesus Christ I’ve had enough…..guess what D.Gray-Man? You get a fucking

FINAL GRADE = 2 (2/8)

If someone can give me one good reason why I should pick this back up than do so, you can give spoiler I don’t care….in fact I encourage it. I’m just happy I’m finally rid of this show, and was able to vent some anger.

More layoffs to come. (for the  record, I voted for Obama and I actually agree with a lot of what he’s doing….except the bailouts….I’m not gonna get in a political debate though, so If you wanna say something political, expect a rude retort that is NOT political, or a deleted comment).

Sengoku Basara – Episode 4

I’m back baby I’m back, back on my bullshit (-50 Cent…but I used it referring to anime as “my bullshit”….ugh…). So I started this episode, then my computer shut off, then I came back a few hours later and finished it. Afterward, I was so inspired that I wrote this shitty fucking review that you are now reading. Too bad for you.

To tell the truth, this episode contained no fighting, aside from Shingen & Yukimura having one of their “talks”.

This is how REAL MEN talk.

This is how REAL MEN talk.

This sucks because now there’s no “duel of the week”, however, from this episode, we can learn that the next episode is going to kick/rape/destroy serious ass.

In episode 4, they basically, set up for a massive war between Oda, Tokugawa, and Nagamasa; and Shingen, Kenshin, and Date everyone. The war, is going to kick ass and I’m excited as fuck because:

Tokugawa Ieyasu

This is another character design I didn’t like (besides Kenshin, who appears to be a huge vage). Ieyasu (the eventual unifier of Japan, (in actual history anyway) pictured above) should be a fat, wrinkly man. I wrote and essay on this shit (which was the funniest thing I ever wrote, since I just made up whatever facts I wanted and through them in):

The REAL Tokugawa Ieyasu

For your information, I actually went back in time with a camera and took this picture of Ieyasu. It’s not a painting, he literally looked like that. That’s probably why most people called him Tokugawa “Saggy-Face” Ieyasu.

I also feel as though this is a good time to tell everyone that I sometimes pronounce Japanese names in different ways, for example, I may say Tokugawa Ieyasu, or Ieyasu Tokugawa. technically speaking, the first one is the correct way in Japanese, but neither is really wrong. I go both ways, depending on how I feel.

In a totally unrelated, but somewhat related topic, the professor that I wrote said essay wrote a book that I really want.

How come whenever I do an episode review of this damn show I end up talking about actual history somehow? I should have become an Asian Art History Professor (although that includes India and China. And China sucks…..India has some cool stuff in it though).

EDIT: Looks like I might have strep throat! Hooray! (sarcasm because I can’t miss class with finals coming up, so I have to go to class sick).

Anime Slump? Or Ambition GONE??

I think I’ve said this before, but I wanted to know if I’m the only one this happens to. Usually, when it comes to watching anime, I go through highs and lows. For example, for x amount of time, I may look forward to watching some anime, like “Damn I can’t wait to watch some anime later.” However, there are also times where I think, “I’m bored, but I really don’t want to watch any anime.”

Here’s a graph:

I'm somewhere in that lull right now.

I'm somewhere in that lull right now.

For the past 5 days or so, I have literally watched 1-2 episodes of anime, and I didn’t even enjoy them that much. Hopefully I’m not getting sick of anime permanently, as I would like to enjoy it for at least a few more years before shit like an actual job takes over my life (I forgot I’m going to be an elementary school art teacher).

I’m debating stopping watching shows week to week, as this could be a main cause as to why I have no ambition to watch anything right now. I kind of just started watching shows week to week, as I usually wait for them to finish and then just marathon them over the course of a few days. Of course, it could have been the fact that it was like, 90 this weekend, to nice to stay indoors. Who knows?

Basically, I was just wondering if anyone else goes through times where they just don’t want anything to do with anime,.

So how bout it?

EDIT: I almost got through Sengolu Basara today, but then my laptop decided to stop being on for the 85th time in the last 4 hours. Damn heat.