Haha, what a fucking stupid title. Purposely stupid I might add. I was trying to get myself back into watching some shows after taking pretty much a whole week off, and I made the silly mistake of watching D.Gray-Man, episode number 42. Here is what I decided upon completion:

D.Gray-Man has been in trouble for some time with me. Honestly, it’s boring, shitty, and dumb. Instead of giving it a bailout and letting D.Gray-Man waste it on a fucking jet, I’m just going to say, “If you can’t cut it, get the fuck outta here.” Therefore, no more mister “oh I finish every show I watch blah blah blah.” D.Gray-Man? You’re gettin laid off, and it’s not due to the budget.


If D. Gray Man was live action and starred these guys, it might actually be watchable.

If D. Gray Man was live action and starred these guys, it might actually be watchable.

Premise? People killing demons. Can’t miss right? I used to think that was true. But D.Gray-Man misses the mark like Tyler Perry understands comedy. Basically the Millennium Earl (only cool character in the show besides the Noah clan.) makes deals with people who lost a dear friend to the icy grip of death. “I’ll bring you pal back,” he says. They agree and turn said person into a demon, which promptly kills said person and assumes their identity. The job of Allen and the other Exorcists (seen above in Live Action view), is to kill them and stop the Earl.

Basically, the plot is generic, the fighting is boring and repetitive, and the characters sucks tremendous dick. Wait, if they actually sucked some dick, it might make them slightly interesting, and the show might be better. THE CHARACTERS WERE BORING AS FUCK. The only thing interesting about any of them was their “special” fighting ability. Fucking retarded. I had originally started watching this because I had heard that it starts slow and then picks up and actually gets nasty. After 42 episodes of shit, I don’t care anymore.

12 things that suck, but are still better than D. Gray Man:

  1. Custard Pie (not a fan)
  2. The Terms and Conditions of my Bank (I don’t have enough funds apparently, so fuck you TD Banknorth, I’ll take my busness elsewhere)
  4. Fucking a fat chick (unless you like that sort of thing which is fine)
  5. Getting spit on by a llama (gun or mammal)
  6. Having mediocre sex with a mediocre girl and later finding out it’s actually your cousin
  7. Any other type of unwanted sexual experience
  8. Watching Apocolypto twice in a row (is that spelling right? I don’t care that movie SUCKED)
  9. Tyler Perry’s House of Pain NO
  10. Finally beating a tough level in a game, only to have the game shut off unexpectedly during the save, causing all of your data to be lost
  11. Getting beat up by a midget dwarf little person.
  12. A gay porn named, “D. GAY Man”

D. Gray Man sucks. I liked it for a few episodes, but fuck, even in the beginning they made a very simple plot seem difficult to understand. Bottom line is that this show sucks because:

  1. The Characters are uninteresting and boring.
  2. The Plot was written by a coalition of 3 second graders and camel named Paul, all of whom suck at writing plots.
  3. The  Fighting was more boring than the characters. In fact, Here is every single fight scene:

Someone yells that there are demons....everyone is surprised, except me.

Someone yells that there are demons....everyone is surprised, except me.

The demons don't put up a fight as the heroes beat them using generic fighting moves like shooting, biting, kicking, or hitting them with a hammer.

The demons don't put up a fight as the heroes beat them using generic fighting moves like shooting, biting, kicking, or hitting them with a hammer.

Wow. Stupid. At least make the demons different. For every 200 demons that appear, there is usually only one who’s sole purpose isn’t to get blown up after 2 seconds by the same fuckin attack. Jesus Christ I’ve had enough…..guess what D.Gray-Man? You get a fucking

FINAL GRADE = 2 (2/8)

If someone can give me one good reason why I should pick this back up than do so, you can give spoiler I don’t care….in fact I encourage it. I’m just happy I’m finally rid of this show, and was able to vent some anger.

More layoffs to come. (for the  record, I voted for Obama and I actually agree with a lot of what he’s doing….except the bailouts….I’m not gonna get in a political debate though, so If you wanna say something political, expect a rude retort that is NOT political, or a deleted comment).


11 thoughts on “D. GAY Man – EL OH EL

  1. ^ This is why i never tell people to watch the anime x_x cause your going to get a bad impression of the series by watching it..they ruin everything! And most of all its fuckin boring cause most of it is crammed with filler shit that most just skip over anyway if they realize that’s what it is.

    All i can say is, you gotta read the manga. You probably hear that a lot, but the DGM manga is the only version of the series that is and will ever be enjoyable.

    • This post is really old, but I never replied to you, and I feel bad about that, so here is my reply.

      I have to shit..

      That wasn’t my reply, I really have to shit pretty bad. I could just go, shit, and come back (in fact, there’s no need to even tell you this), but I will hold it. On to my actual reply:

      I hear very good things about the manga indeed, and now that I have become much more versed in the reading of manga, I will pick it up NOW.

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    • I can’t tell if this comment is:

      a) spam
      b) literal
      c) sarcastic
      d) has an underlying meaning not visible to e

      So I’ll randomly choose one and reply accordingly:


      Yea, it was pretty cool. Thanks!

  3. sorry for the uber-late comment but i only JUST came across this and, even though i actually like d.gray-man in general, i roflcoptered at this posting. nicely done.

    the anime had a lot of filler episodes and it was hard trudging through to get to the meat of it (having read the manga first, it was difficult to wait for the worthwhile eps). but, since it’s been a while, i hope you did as some folks suggested and read the manga. it gets darker and darker as it goes and there’s isn’t much fluff to slow it down. if you did read it, i hope you enjoyed it…or at least didn’t despise it as much as the anime.

    best regards,


    • I tried picking it up, but then I just didn’t care much anymore. I got through I think 5 pages and then went to do something else. It’s been ruined for me permanently by the shitty anime.

  4. Hello sir I am deeply offended by this post’s title. Please delete it immediately or face immediate legal action from my lawyer/s.

    I didn’t watch the anime but the series is pretty fucking boring. At least it had nice art for a while but then the stupid writer broke her fucking hand so now it looks like balls and the story followed suit and I don’t even know what the fuck its point is any more. Generic as it was it seemed to be going somewhere, now it’s just floundering around as a flounder would. There was a HOLY SHIT moment but that doesn’t warrant reading it. Too bad I am a faggot who can’t drop things. But good thing it went on hiatus so I don’t have to worry. P.S. I voted for the lizard people and I stand by it.

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