If Only Raditz Knew Bas Rutten

Yes, I am watching the edit of Dragonball Z, DBZ Kai. I am doing this because Dragonball Z is awesome. Period.

One thing I noticed while re-watching this re-distribution was that Raditz was not a very good fighter. I mean, if you take the strength factor out, he really doesn’t have much fighting skill.

If only he had searched out the help and fighting prowess of Bas Rutten. I mean honestly, he wouldn’t have even died. Take a look:

A simple move could be used here.

A simple move could be used here.

Well…..what could Raditz have done here? Well, if you’ve ever seen Bas Rutten, then you know exactly how this problem could have been solved:

Heel!.....Heel to the groin!

Heel to the groin!


10 thoughts on “If Only Raditz Knew Bas Rutten

  1. Why did you link the words “Bas Rutten” back to your site and not to the actual video you dunce?

  2. haha yea i know… if you click the link it just goes back to your site…. you could have just embedded the video too

  3. @ thehiphoprevuebangout & oballer:

    Maybe when you take control of my site you can do that. I didn’t want to, because it was quicker and easier to just link back to my site. Also, I wanted to do it that way…

    Way to think for yourself oballer you just re-iterated what thehiphoprevuebangout said.

  4. yet you still havent changed it… so maybe i should say it again:


  5. Raditz easily could have flown (Goku isn’t all that heavy and wasn’t anchored to anything) or heeled Goku in the balls as you stated. So the conclusion is Raditz sucks.

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