My Quick Thoughts on Basquash!

Every single girl is really really really horny:



They try and fit in as much sexually implicated things as possible. I guess every episode they have a new horny girl? I hear that the next episode contains a girl with enormous tits and a fetish for feet (no lie)….I haven’t watched it yet, and I am tired and sick (swine flu), so I am going to bed.

Before I do, I will say, “I want to drop this series, but the animation is fucking nasty and the characters are pretty damn cool too. The story sucks though, so I may drop it anyway. Who knows?”

That’s it…..I told you it’d be quick. (I don’t actually have swine flu, just allergies…..I think……probably).

EDIT: I guess this is the foot fetish lady:

Holy Hell those are huge.

I can’t drop it now. This show is about to get really funny. Not to mention the sudden introduction of Kugimiya Rie as little princess girl who stands on towers.

Someone who actually LIKES the nosebleeds

Someone who actually LIKES the nosebleeds

I edited this about 4 times.


5 thoughts on “My Quick Thoughts on Basquash!

  1. since im the person who told you about foot fetish girl let me just say one thing….

    her foot fetish is OUT OF CONTROL… she licks them, tickles them, rubs them on her face… and she ONLY talks to feet, and likes one kids face cuz it looks like a foot, other than that she wont talk to your face, just foot…. its rediculous… not to mention her boobs are un-reasonably huge

    • Way to spoil the entire episode JACKASS!

      Yea you did tell me about that. What do you want a freaking medal? (I better not see on the news tomorrow that you get a freaking medal)

    • lol I was going to point that out too, but I figured someone else would.

      You’re right they’re showing up left and right. I think that they’re pretty funny, and like them for the most part.

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