Top OPs Ever – Part Deuce

Well, here is part 2 of the list that is compiled of all of my favorite OPs. Note that OPs are only eligible if I watched the series. The OP awesome factor will be steadily going up as I move down the lines to my favorite OP (which in undeniably the best one ever). In case you haven’t seen the first post, here it is.

Quick Recap: I base them on the animation (lightly), the music (heavily), and how it fits the mold of the anime it opens (middle-ly). Here’s how the layout will go:

Song Rank. Anime Title – Band/Singer Name: Song Name

Let’s get the show rolling with what should be number

34. Ichigo 100% – Dream: Shine of Voice

This song is great, it’s got that sweet disco feel (kind of), not to mention strawberries. The ending of this series was good, but U was disappointing with the main characters choice of girl (which I had to read the end of the manga to figure out who it was).

33. Inuyasha OP1 – V6: Change the World

Why do I like this OP? Mainly the song: “I WANT TO CHAAANNGEE THE WORRLDD da da da-da da-da daaa da-da.” Yea… singing via text is great.

32. Devil May Cry – Rungran: D.V.C.

Whoops, I forgot about this one, so now I have to EDIT ALLL OF THE RANKINGS. GREAT. This OP rules that’s all.

31. Blood + OP3 – Uverworld: Colors of the Heart

Undeniably great animation coupled with an awesome song makes this OP a bangout. Especially the first part where she has the sword and all of her clothes is blowing. I love the sketchiness.

30. Elfen Lied –  Kumiko Noma: Lilium

Certainly a unique OP. Opera music and awesome artwork makes this a great OP in my opinion. I mean, sure it’s number 31, but that’s out of hundreds of OPs don’t forget.

29. Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu – Himemiya Miran & Chocolate Rockers: Tomadoi Bitter Tune

The beginning of this OP had me right away. It had a great song and I liked the computer/photo-shop sort of style they used. The clicks of the mouse also match the beat which is great. It’s a great show also.

28. Bleach OP5 – Yui: Rolling Star

What can I say……Yui is great.

27. Gantz – Rip Slyme: Super Shooter

They could have EASILY made Gantz a continuous anime, like Bleach or something. They could have had some pretty sick filler arcs even. But they didn’t. Instead, they butchered the manga with a shitty ending to this series. Gantz Manga >>>>> Gantz Anime. Nevertheless, this OP was sick.

26. Neon Genesis Evangelion – Yoko Takahashi: Zankoku na Tenshi no Te-ze

This is like, one of the most famous OPs ever. It’s phenomenal. If I had any sense, I should be putting it up a lot higher. Too bad sense is something I rarely like to make. The song is what makes this a great OP.

25. K-ON! – Featured Seiyu: Cagayake! Girls

This song has been stuck in my head for the past week. It’s just great.

24. Bleach OP6 – Aqua Timez: Alones

I was obsessed with this OP when it came out. Then, I heard it again, and I realized that it still kicks ass. Bleach does it again.

That’s it for now. Two more entries to go in this list. The shit’s about to hit the fan.


8 thoughts on “Top OPs Ever – Part Deuce

  1. The only ones I’ve seen/heard here are Cagayake! Girls and Lilium, and I’m definitely with you on those two.

    Yes, I haven’t watched NGE.

    Possibly related posts:
    “5 Game Songs That Would Make Great Porn Music & More”

    • HAHAHHAA That’s an awesome “Possibly Related Post”. Imagining those songs to a porn is just funny.

      Don’t feel bad about not watching NGE, there’s a lot of “famous” anime that I haven’t watched either. Like GTO (which I finally started). NGE was pretty good, but I think it’s a little overrated to tell the truth.

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  3. The tune from Ichigo 100% is okay, but I can live without it. The Inuyasha tune, Change the World isn’t that great either. Better tunes came out of the Inuyasha show, like Come from Namie Amuro. Colors of the Heart by Uverworld is a good tune, but Season’s call from Hyde was much better.

    • Come by Namie Amuro is an ED not an OP so that’s the reason for that (it does kick ass though).

      As for the Blood + OP…….I MUST HAVE FUCKING MISSED THAT. I FELL RETARDED. I might add it in here and move everything down one….in fact, I’m going to have to, but it’s going to be in the third installment.

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