Love Hina. Wait, isn’t this old?

Yes it is a throw back anime….sort of. But I just had a few things I wanted to say about it.

Love Hina

Anybody know what "Hina" means?

It’s the original Harem. What’s a harem? I’m not the one to ask. However, if you want the actual plot, I guess I can sort of tell you that it’s about a dude with glasses that moves into an inn that it filled with only girls. Well, it’s empty at first, but girls find their way inn. (PUN BITCH). So what happens? All sorts of love shit. But also, there’s a shit load of comedy that I in fact love.


  • As I already said in a post I am going to put up tomorrow (yea, that makes sense), The OP for both Love Hina and the OVA Love Hina Again, are awesome and super.
  • Characters range from a dude with glasses that every girl seems to inexplicably love to a girl with a wooden sword. They’re all over the place.
  • Good mix of comedy.

You know what? When I started writing this, I thought I had something important to say about the series, but so far this is just a review. Oh yea, now I remember:

THE OVA SERIES, “Love Hina Again” WAS WAY TOO SHORT. WHAT WAS IT…..3 EPISODES? REALLY? I don’t understand why they didn’t just make another full season instead of rushing and squeezing everything into 3 episodes. I mean, I’ve never tried it, but I assume that trying to squeeze a years worth (pulled that stat out of my ass) of work into 3 20 minute long segments isn’t going to be a very fulfilling story. Well it was for me anyway, but still, I feel gipped jipped shorted.

This post sucked. If I have any sense I won’t post this at all, and just go to bed instead. Oh wait, I have an awesome pun in this post, it must go up. Here’s a picture of something to make things more interesting:

Half of this show takes place in hot springs.

Half of this show takes place in hot springs.

I guess I’ll tell you my grade, in case you still expect something from this shitty post. In case you’re curious, I gave it a

FINAL GRADE = 5^^ (8/8) It was on my top ten at one point

Shangri-la is so go-

-ne…..Dropped. Peace. See Ya Later….or wait, no I won’t. So, why is it dropped?


This anime almost makes me want to continue the anime......almost.

This anime almost makes me want to continue the anime......almost.

What a jumbled mess of shit. As I have said elsewhere, You can’t throw wood, nails, and tools into a pile and expect a house to build itself. The same is true with anime, or any show for that matter. You can’t throw characters, a plot, and animation into a vat of fecal matter and expect a good anime to form.

Honestly Shangri-la has been showing signs of possibly becoming good, as in episode 4, where the main transvestite and the heterochromian girl seem to have the same mother (holy shit!). Too bad this anime already lost my interest, and sucks something awful. Honestly, you could throw the biggest BAM ever at me, and it wouldn’t matter, I hate this anime (which is too bad because Boomerang Girl was awesome pretty cool). Therefore, I am breaking my rule of “at least 6 episodes before drop”.

Sorry Shangri-la, you had your chance, and blew it. Now back to Touch, and anime that’s actually good.

Oh, by the way,

FINAL GRADE = 3 (3/8) I guess….