Top OPs Ever – San (3)

Ichi, ni, san, yon/shi, go, roku, nana (shichi), hachi, kyu, ju = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10……hell yea I can count to 10 in Japanese! (I used to know up to a like…a million….now I only remember up to the thousands somewhere…..I wish I had time to take another Japanese course……anyway….)

Not going to explain things this time. You want explanation? See the first two entries. I’m counting down from 25 23 all the way to 11 in this one. I made some changes and additions to some of the previous entries, which will be explained somewhere in here I think…..this countdown got slightly messed up, but it’s fixed now for the most part….I hope I don’t get left with an extra OP.

23. Pani Poni Dash OP3 –  Featured Seiyu :Shojo Q

It’s not as good as the other two OPs for Pani Poni Dash (hint hint), but it’s still really good. The animation is why. As usual, Shaft give me a boner with this awesome animation.

22. Blood + – Hyde: Season’s Call

I had forgotten this, so I added it back in. I saw it, and was immediately captivated.

21. Inuyasha OP4 – Every Little Ting: Grip!

A lot of people might not like this one, but I love this OP. The way that the music and the animation match at around the 1:00 mark with the Band of Seven is perfect in my opinion. I used to have this song downloaded. But since the Great Computer Crash of 08′, I haven’t gotten all back that I lost.

20./19. Love Hina/Love Hina Again – Megumi Hayashibara: Sakura Saku/Kimi Saw Ireba

It’s a double OP combo shot. This won’t be the last one you see. I figure, they landed right next to each other so why not put them together? Looking back, the Love Hina OP could have been higher, but I like the Love Hina Again OP right where it is. Sure it was for a short OVA series, but it’s still an OP. I think that the fact that I played these songs on Stepmania made me like them more.

18. Excel Saga – Featured Seiyu:Love (Loyalty)

First of all, the song kicks more ass then Bill the Ass-Kicker, may God rest his soul, and the fact that it was written by director Shinchi Watanabe, aka NABESHINNNNN, on a train just makes it nasty. I also played it a lot on Stepmania, which I used to be obsessed with, but now never play.

17. Welcome to the N.H.K. – Round Table ft Nino: Puzzle

Everything about this OP kicks ass. The song is great, and the animation matches nicely, especially around the 1:13 mark, where the changes in picture match the beat. I love when things match the beat. The only reason I’m scratching my head is that I don’t know why I ranked it so high.

16.  Black Lagoon – MELL: Red Fraction

Instead of listing what’s good, I’ll ask, what’s bad? I gave this anime a place in my top ten pretty much after watching the OP alone. That’s how awesome it is. The animation has sick design and the song RULES. Gunshots at the end? greatt. I wonder why Devil May Cry never made this list? I must have forgotten that one,because that was a sick OP too. God Damn me.

EDIT: Devil May Cry was supposed to be on the list at around 31….I have since edited everything.

15. Ergo Proxy – Monoral: Kiri

This is one of the best OP ever. Ever. Ever. The animation has such a good, dirty feel to it, that you rarely see in most OPs. It matches the anime PEFECTLY. The song is ass kicking. It’s just great. Used to be top ten. How it got moved to 21 is anyone’s guess (I made my list a while ago, and now I’m just going down the line).

14. Inuyasha OP2 – Hitomi: I Am

This is about as good a song as you can have in an anime. I used to listen to the song all day long. Awesome OP….I should point out that the full song is better. This is the last Inuyasha OP on the list. You’re probably thinking “Thank God, what’s with all the Inuyasha?” Well fuck you it has great OPs.

13.To LOVE-Ru -Thyme: Forever We Can Make It

Let’s face facts, for the rest of the countdown, all of the songs are going to be awesome. It starts  with this one. I love this song, and the animation is cool and original. I feel like I’ve written this before….

12. Monster -Quilapayún: Transiente

Well it’s one of the best shows I’ve seen, and the OP is too. What a great mix of a bad ass beat and opera. That, coupled along with the nasty animation leaves this OP in the top 20. Did I mention that Monster was an AWESOME show? You can thank Baka-Raptor for that.

11. Maria + Holic – Yu Kobayashi: Hanaji

Well, that’s the only version with the OP’s animation included that I could find, and they cut off the beginning, which really grinds my gears, so here is the full song, which includes the awesome beginning (- animation). Shaft is about to take over my top teen by the way, just thought I’d let you know.

Stay tuned for the most CONTRAVERSIAL TOP TEN COUNTDOWN EVER! What made it? Gintama? Haruhi? POKEMON??? (nfw!) WHO KNOWS (I know).

This should have been an OP for some anime:

Basquash! = An Anime About Fetishes

It’s disguised as a “basketball related” show, but after 4 episodes, it’s clear to me that the main theme of Basquash is fetishes. Let’s examine three of them:

1. Ridiculously Huge Boobs

Keep in mind that the girl in question also has huge boobs.

(close up of boobs, which bounce every way possible after taking one step)

Rediculously large.

He actually is referring to breasts.

He actually is referring to breasts.

Almost every girl in this show has ridiculously large boobs (actually only 2 so far, the black girl, whose fetish is machines, and moon boob lady). The boobs bounce so much it’s retarded. Nice and retarded.

2. Feet

She loves the foot.

She has sex with feet.

Moon boob lady is obsessed with feet. She talks to them, kisses them, and in all likely-hood, has a vibrator shaped like a foot. If that doesn’t make her a unique character then I don’t know what does.

3. S & M

Every time  someone beats this girl, she just gets more turned on, and eventually orgasms.

Every time someone beats this girl, she just gets more turned on, and eventually orgasms.



She wants to “give her genes” to any guy that puts the most hurt on her. The more beat down she gets, the more aroused she gets. She’s not as unique as Moon Boob Lady (as there have been many other characters with an S & M fetish….there’s probably been some with a foot fetish too….but I don’t know any, nor do I care much), but she’s still pretty unique.

These are only three of the probably millions of fetishes to come. (there’s been a new one every episode). Did I mention that the new OP (same some, new animation) is a lot better?

I wonder how much money Basquash got from Nike? Considering how good the animation is, I’d say a LOT.