Sengoku Basara 5 – Kenshin is a Homo

NOTE: I’ve got nothing against gay people, and I’m all for gay rights.

Now that you know I’m a humanitarian, let’s talk about what a huge homo Kenshin is.

Even though in real life he’s a bad ass, in Senoku Basara, he’s an obvious homo. Let’s look at the facts.

He has the horniest girl ever ready to do anything for him, and he still hasn’t tapped that. I would’ve spronked that shit all over town by now. Maybe he’s just more focused on his work.

Kenshin touched her hand. She had an orgasm. HE STILL HASN'T HIT IT.

Kenshin touched her hand. She had an orgasm. HE STILL HASN'T HIT IT.

Look at him:

Not to mention his hand is on his hip. They botched this character design badly.

Not to mention his hand is on his hip. They botched this character design badly.

He sounds like a girl. Coincidentally, this could have something to do with the fact that he’s voiced by a girl, who does a good job sounding like a girl who is trying to sound like a man. They should have made him the man. Every single other character is, “the man.” Why’d they leave Kenshin out?

Back to the episode…In this episode, a lot of cool fighting happend and it was B-A. They break out formations like the Crane formations and the Fish formation, which I think I know about just because the same formations are used in Samurai Warriors: Empires, which is a bad-ass game where the objective it to kill everyone. doesn’t get much better than that really. Watch it and bask in the awesome-ness that is Sengoku Basara.

Oh by the way…..prepare for Honda Tadakatsu, one of the strongest warriors in Japan’s history ever. Wtf, they made him into some kind of droid. Oh well, if Date’s horse can be a motorcycle, then this just makes the series better.


NOTE: I still have nothing against gays, believe it or not. All though sometimes they never shut up (an attribute not limited to gays).

Yu Yu Hakusho – First Impressions……Again

I’ve seen the beginning of this show (first 3 episodes) about 5 times. I watched about 15 other episodes at random, but that was really long ago, so I need to get in gear and watch the whole thing. Here are my first impressions…although they aren’t really first impressions, just first impressions…..again. This will cover the first 3 episodes and my spoil one or two things.

Yu Yu Hakusho


The anime starts off with the main character, Yusuke, doing what I have always wanted to do: Die, but then come back to life in a triumphant return that catches everyone by surprise.

Yusuke is a delinquent, and an ass kicker, who dies saving a kid from a car. Of course, later, when the grim reaper (a “pretty girl” on a flying broomstick) appears, she mentions that the boy he “saved” would have had less cuts had he not interferred, and that his death was an utter and complete waste. He then goes to his wake and watches everyones reactions, and sees some surprising reactions to his demise. After seeing this, he decides to take Grim Reaper Lady up on the offer that she gave him: The option to return to life, but first they must go to the spirit world.

I know for a fact that this series gets good. I am excited because not only did this episode come with a shit load of noastagia, but it looks even better than I remember, despite being dubbed (the dubbing isn’t bad for once). I’ve been taking it back to the old school lately (80’s & 90’s):

  • Touch
  • Yu Yu Hakusho
  • GTO
  • DBZ Kai (as far as I’m concerned, it’s just re watching DBZ…but without the bull-shit)

EDIT: After 5 episodes of dubbed Yu Yu Hakusho, I wouldn’t mind seeing a few subbed episodes.

Eye Sedso is…..


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