The Importance of an Anime List

I don’t know about you personally, reader, but as for me and most likely every one else. A list of anime is vital.

A List Does (for me):

Keeps Track of Completed/Watching/Interesting Looking Anime

Most people have a MAL, I do too, in fact, except it’s no where near complete, and I gave up on it a while ago, because I’d be there for hours finding all the anime I’ve watched. Instead, I just have a nice Wordpad page, which has become increasingly larger/more organized over the years:

Behold the start of my list.

117 Completed. Look how easy it is to find all of the data. It’s right there at the top! Color coordinated too! I’m so organized. Praise me.

Keeps Track of Anime I am Currently Viewing

I know I just said this, but I wish to elaborate. Unlike OBALLER (on blogroll, I’m too lazy to link it), who uses PAPER AND A PEN to keep track of what episode he’s on (which is fine if you’re AMISH), I prefer to use the computer. Here are some FAQs regarding this method:

Q: “What if you’re computer crashes?”

A: I keep the small file backed up on my flash drive, as well as email There’s also some ISSS that it’s on (this fucking site…it has it’s own page for cryin out loud).

Paper can get:

  1. Lost
  2. Burned
  3. Wet
  4. Ripped
  5. Thrown Away
  6. Smudged
  7. Crammed up an ass-hole

Q: “its easier to just write it down…..its more of a pain to go in and find the show on the list and change it then update page” (Okay so it’s not really a question)

A: OBALLER said that brilliance. First of all, everything is alphabetized, so it takes literally one second to find (I timed it literally). Second, I bet I could push the number “4” faster than you can write it.



I win.

For the record, here is my currently watching list:

Not pictured: Saki, Sengoku Basara, Sora wo Kakeru Shojo, Touch, Yu Yu Hakusho.

Not pictured: Saki, Sengoku Basara, Sora wo Kakeru Shojo, Touch, Yu Yu Hakusho.

Look at how simple that is! There’s the show, and right next to it is the last completed episode. SO EASY.

It Gives Me Options

If I want to start a new show, and don’t know what to watch, it”s okay, because I have around 50 shows that I pre-scouted, and determined I might like:

Wait a minute....are these all anime?

Wait a minute....are these all anime?

I have a multi-facited list. Chances are, My list is better than yours is. I even keep track of dropped shows, shows that I need to restart when I have time, but had to drop for the moment (Injured Reserve):

Uh nothing to add?

“Wow, that’s weirdly obsessive, Jeff… need help.”

Not yet I don’t:

I need to calm down.

Okay NOW I do. What can I say, what started out as a small, normal list, only used to keep track of episodes because I forget a lot, evolved in to a great filing system that works perfect for me. If you look at the scroller thingy on the side of the screen shots, you’ll notice it only went half way down. That’s because underneath are a shit load of top tens and stuff. I’ll give you a sample:

Lot's of top tens

Those are already ones I put up, because they’re in purple, the maroon ones are ones that no one knows about yet, like my Top EDs (too small a list to put up), Top Funny Anime, Top Normal Movies, Top Musical Artists etc.

So what say you? Is my list totally off the wall, out of control, and unhealthily obsessive? Or am I just really organized? Or possibly, is my list incredibly un-organized, and pales in comparison to yous?


5 thoughts on “The Importance of an Anime List

  1. ok well then lets have a race… we will both watch an episode.. and right after the episode ends ill look down and the right the letter 4, and in that time you will go to your site, click ‘edit page’ look for the anime, then type 4

    i use computers more than a normal person (my major) but its so much faster to just keep a note card handy

  2. “Praise me.”
    I’d suck your cock!

    “Q: “What if you’re computer crashes?””
    A: If you are computer crashes, then I don’t know what to say.

    “Or possibly, is my list incredibly un-organized, and pales in comparison to yous?”
    Ah, fah’git yous.

    P.S. Everyone needs a list of anime unless they are a FAGGOT

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